Growing for the first time!

Unfortunately a humidifier is a necessary thing u need

That should work for you

thanks. will get the distilled water today

Ur welcome i grow organically aswell so much easier

yeah it seems so! some people seem to make it more complicated than it needs to be but if it works for them and they see good results, more power to them

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so i have my lights on schedule for 18/6 since i planted yesterday. It’s currently off and the temp is 20.5c/69F haha, is that too low for the seed to germinate? when lights go on, it will be between 23-25 C.

I would get a bigger light when you can. That 600 is going to be on the canopy by flower attempting to power her. If do upgrade i suggest a 200w minimum with dimmer. Allows tent growth without a light change. You will thank the light at the end. A very noticable difference will occur. 100w lights typically have a flower area of 2x2 they say. I think 1.5x1.5 unless a top end 1. Just my opinion.

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the site says 1.5x1.5 for flowering for he TS600. I might upgrade to the TS1000 which pulls 150w. I am only doing 1 plant at a time and plan to LST. I think my TS600 should be good enough for the time being? I’d like to get a few grows under my belt first before any upgrades

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I personally think it is small for solid dense flowers. Might be wrong. I am sure others will chime in. Light is super important. Get what you grow with. great sales right now. Will do seedlings and veg but i think you will struggle in flower. That gives some time to save up and research. Couple months.

I’ve seen videos and some post and the yields seem to be decent for the light, generally around 3 oz it seems. I’m sure that will depend on strain and other factors, but that’s not too bad for me personally.

I’ll see how this goes and maybe the next grow, and will get a better light like the TS1000 since it also has a dimmer

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Just suggesting. I totally blew first rounds of lights. Mh/hps to led. Blurple led to fan cooled box lights. Those to cheap qboards. Now i have a collection of 100w qboards for playing and 2 400w on light rails for larger grows. Cost WAY more than going correct out of the gate. Differences were very noticable at the end. Just trieng to save you a few hundred. Your plant being an auto she will not give you any wiggle room. She decides to flower early and light weak she will yield light. What i did was sell old lights to help fund new ones. Now i buy 100w-200w boards on sale to try them. Sell what i do not like. Just my opinion only and probably wrong. I can accept that. Been married 34 years. I am always wrong apparantly…lol.


i appreciate the info, you’re def right. better light, higher yields. I’ll get there at some point. You can quote me to prove the wife you’re right haha!


Welcome to organic growing!


Welcome to the community! I read through your journal and I’ll touch on a couple things. As for a humidifier no you do not have to have one. I have never used one and my humidity gets low in the winter. You have your dome over the seed which helps to create the humidity the seed likes. 69 is a little cool but right now you could be running your light 24 hrs and switch to 18/6 after a couple weeks. Your current light is pulling 100w which is ok but not great. You could end up with loose larfy buds because the light is not strong enough. Lights are a big expense but they also are the tool that is growing your plant. I would spend the money on a good light and be done. One Hlg 135 would be better then the Mars. Maybe you can return the one you got and put that money towards a new one. Just a couple suggestions. Good luck bro :sunglasses:

Thanks! funny enough i actually just changed the light to be on 24/7 to keep the temp constant around 24 C. Unfortunately, my light came in the kit so i cannot return the light. I will go through with this grow and get a better light. This is really just for the experience and making sure i can get a plant from seed to harvest lol.

Of course as a beginner i was questioning whether or not the soil was moist enough so i tried to fiddle around to see the seed and i couldn’t find it so i ended up planting a new one. Such a beginner move on my part. I will not touch this one lol and will let it go for a few days and hope it sprouts. If both seeds end up sprouting, i will remove one.

Are you soaking your seeds before planting them?

no, i wet the soil a bit, let it drain then i planted the seed and covered it. Initially the soil wasn’t dry so i didn’t water it much

Try soaking the seeds in water for 24hrs then put them into a wet paper towel for another 24 hrs. At this point the seed should have cracked open or started to grow a tail. Then plant it in you medium of choice. All a learning experience!


the deed is done lol. don’t want to mess with it anymore. I’m just hoping this seed sprouts and i’ll be good to go.

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@noob_grower i am running 6/2 in my 2x4 with clones and a couple auto. Really regulates temp and humidity well. Girls love it. Glad i switched.

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