Growing for the first time!

for sure, just set to watch!

Bent her down some more and added a couple garden staples for the lower branches


Hows it going so far? My girls are looking great like yours


thanks, your girls are looking good as well!

I see one girl is getting trained, you doing the rest?

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These are my first autos so i am only going to train one. I have learned to train photos like this one here but am not too sure how autos grow yet.


I do like the wire on the bottom for training.

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you got a post i can follow?

ILGM Blueberry Autoflower grow journal week1 by Skittles325 - GrowDiaries Is what i write on. Its easy for me to track my weeks n get the info i forget to write down lol i got alot of plants so to do them all would b too much time lol but im doing 5 blueberry autos so that i can harvest those after my sour :slight_smile: trying to do sea of green lol


Day 26 for my girl, pics from this morning before and after moving ties.





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Looking good. Make sure to check your ph runoff every watering to prevent another spike or dip.

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i will check when doing the next watering. Luckily i have not seen any gnats in the tent so i hope i am ok now unless there are a ton of larvae in the soil haha

I found out after the 1st few watering the gnats go down

is that good or bad? :eyes:

I think he might be indicating that the knats have gone down into the soil. Maybe that’s a contributing factor to the discoloration

the discoloration was there from the very beginning. After fixing my ph, the new growth has been much greener. So not sure if gnats had any affect but idk at this point

I think it’s good since they are all gone by flowering time. Haven’t had issues with it by maintaing a wet dry cycle… your dry amendment might be the difference with us…

that’s true… they could be feeding on those microbes… idk, i guess i’ll see soon enough. It seems i will need to water probably in a couple days again, last time was the 23rd

Yea my microbes come from recharge and fish shit which all gets mix with my water

i also added the DE prior to my water and and was mixed with the top soil then i added some more after. I hope it did something and is killing off anything that crawls in it. Haven’t seen anything in a couple days so it’s possible