Growing for the first time!

So I finally got my PH meter a few days ago and found out my tap is 8.0! So I bought some ph stuff that should be coming today.

I have some gnats, so I am waiting for the soil to dry completely and I’m going to water from the bottom so the top is dry a little longer.

She’s still showing growth though, so that’s good. Just in case I moved my lights back up to 30 inches away.

Has to be light burn or the fact that my water ph was 8

Because I’m going to water from bottom I can’t test just yet but I will once I water from top.

Going to aim to water with 6.2-6.5

A ph of 8 will make your plant very unhappy. Good that you got a meter and ph up and down coming. Are you going to treat the gnats?

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Right now I have stickies up. I have some DE coming that I will use just in case I need it. Right now I see no gnats so I will wait to use the DE if I need to use it after trying to water from the bottom and I see more gnats.

Plus I hear it’s good for root growth, so win win I guess. Just hard to gauge whether or not the pot is fully dry, even weighing it is a guessing game still

Also my HM is back up and going between 50-55%, so that problem is fixed

I think I’m going to move from 24/0 of light to 20/4 and see what happens

maybe i’ll wait on changing the lights and keep them 24/0 still. That is what is keeping my temp and HM at good constant levels lol. Plus ive seen others use 24/- with no light burn.

Might def be the PH then.

I would doubt it’s light burn. I have never run 24/7 after the first couple weeks. Usually switch to a 18/6

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Well. looks like my ph stuff has come in. Not sure if i should water today or wait a couple more days. I think the pot might be almost completely dry, def not soaked, moist maybe but not much.

would it be a problem if i watered anyway or wait? last watering was 7 days ago with only a .25L of water

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You should be good to hit it with some ph’d water. Try about a half gallon to get some runoff going and go from there if you don’t get runoff right away dint be scared to use some more.

I have fought those darn Fungus Gnats for since my indoor grow So I have tried Garlic water, Mosquitos Bits, and DE all seemed to work for a while, but Now those little SOB’S have killed all my plants so Neem Oil saturated all 5-gallon pots have been soaked today and will be done for a few days to dry between. We ae waiting for more seeds. I should have been using Neem Oil cause it kills them. I like to keep Organics grow.


got my PH down to 6.5 and am currently watering from the bottom. Will leave it for about 10-15 minutes then that should be good hopefully.

thanks, i’ll probably buy some just to have on hand just in case i need it

Saw this video about plant and soil microbes, very informative


I have this tagged so when I have the time to watch I can! Watched a few minutes and great information so far.

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I just finished watching it. So much great information!

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when should i start LST? she’s 18 days old and not getting any younger, ha! she has 3 nodes and working on the 4th

I’d suspect in roughly 2 weeks she would start to show some pistils

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@Aussie_autos I didn’t want to hijack the other guys thread so i will respond here. I don’t have the stuff to make the compost tea, but i would like to try it on my next grow though

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In a practical sense, start LST it’s tall enough to reach the something to be tied to. I waited until I had a 5th node and began training at the 3rd node.

My plants are growing so fast right now, I’m doing it daily now.


You can start training at any time. They are very resilient. Do u plan or topping or fim?

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No topping or fim, just LST only for my first go.

@WormyUnicorn I think i might have to wait a few days once she starts working on her 5th node as well


Indoor u would benefit more from a top or fim from what I have understand

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