Growing for the first time!

Finishing the basement on this 43 year old house is on the list!

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I like that idea. I am sure there will be a lot of free styrofoam up for grabs after the holidays. Plus I know a guy that gets coolers full of steak and I was thinking of putting my bags in there to keep the roots warm.

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You killing it and have everything down 4 sure. Just 1 suggestion add your top dress sooner than expected. It takes awhile for the top dress to really feed the girls. That’s 1 of the reason I don’t use the amendments they sell. I learned from my outdoor grow how long it was taking 2 really dissolve it


People in auto pots water from the bottom with no problem using fabric pots

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@SilvaBack203 Thanks, I will keep that in mind. That means I would have to feed sometime next week. They would be 3 weeks and start to flower at some point after that, then add fish bone meal.

I don’t have auto pots, so I just want to put my fabric pot in a dish and add water and let it soak up. Really trying to get rid of these gnats so I think this is a good option.

Any suggestions?

I see no problem with that at all. Did u get sticky trap? I have the same issue but with the trap I been able 2 handle everything

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Yeah I have sticky traps, 3 of them lol.

Caught a few and I killed a few with my hands. Also have not watered since the 12th and she doesn’t seem to be thirsty yet. Lifting the pot it feels like it’s almost completely dry, maybe another day or 2.

My PH stuff comes tomorrow so I plan to water either tomorrow or Monday and want to avoid watering from the top for a bit to avoid gnats.

Bottom watering should also prompt root growth too I read

If the roots ain’t down there yet it might not work. The gnats will eventually go away


I’ll give it a few more days then and see. I’d hate to start watering at the top and more start appearing

I really hope it works for you. U can also try capt Jack’s

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Capt jacks? What is that?

I use it myself in my garden and outside ladies while in veg don’t use it in flower.

Bonide BND250 Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew Ready to Use Insecticide/Pesticide, 32 oz

Is this for fungus gnats specifically?

Advice. Get the concentrate and mix as necessary. I used up a ready to mix spray bottle really fast.

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Every kind of bug


I’ll look into it, thanks!

Well… I think i know what the issue is!
@Nicky @Capt.Cola @sandune @SilvaBack203 @JaneQP

After some more research, i think my plant either has Magnesium deficiency due to water PH being too high OR LIGHT BURN!

It might be light burn because the new growth is also experiencing this issue and magnesium deficiency and light burn look very similar. Also my plant is growing and i don’t see the growth being stunted at all.

Any opinions on that assumption? Thanks again!

You have a pic to post.

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What do you have for a ph? It looks like ph is off and possibly a deficiency starting. What are you ph’ing your water to? Soil should be between 6.5-6.9 to make sure you are taking up all the nutrients. I would give it like a 1/2 to 1 gallon of ph 6.7 water to a little runoff and see what happens the next day or two. Take the runoff and test it’s ph. Try not to catch the first bit of runoff if you know what I mean.

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