Growing for the first time!

Already got the pen, it actually came today


I am one of those people. It’s the only product I will buy from them.

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Thank you! Your advice has helped. So a big thank you from an inexperienced but enthusiastic grower.


Ur welcome

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Day 16 and still growing! Haven’t watered in 6 days and still not looking thirsty. some gnats still flying around though.

Today i decided to lower the light down to 25 inches away and the PPFD is reading 385-400, DLI 33-35.


Got love COM


My new humidifier came today. It holds 4L, basically a gallon of water. It also has a auto shut off and i can set a specific humidity % which is great so i don’t have to keep checking my tent.

what i find odd is that the humidity shown on the app from the humidifier and the thermostat i have are different. it’s about 10-15% off with the humidifier showing higher %. I did just added it about 20 minutes ago so maybe i have to wait a bit and see where the levels are in about an hour or so.


Is it bad if my Humidity is always fluctuating between 45-60? Or should it always try to be constant with small % change?

Hey! @noob_grower . I have the same discrepancy with the humidity higher than the TRH meter. But think of the humidifier - it’s sensor is somewhere in the machine where it is surrounded by water or water vapor. It is very dry where I grow so I am happy just to get to 45%! I haven’t used my brain in a while but there is a correlation between temperature and humidity but I can’t remember the specifics.

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i finished going through reviews of the humidifer i got and saw that a lot of people complained about the % difference with other meters they have and seeing the 10-15% difference i am seeing.

Instead of using the auto feature which fluctuates the HM every few minutes by about 10-15% based on the thermometer i have, i decided to just keep the humidifier on level 1 out of 9 and the humidifer says it is 58% and the thermometer says it is 52% which is good enough for me.

ILGM states that Sour D humidity should be low so i think that is a good HM at this time until she starts to flower and i will lower it more. The fan i have is giving plenty of air movement in the tent and my exhaust fan is low keeping the tent around 24C and 52% HM now. I have my lights on 24/0. I might change that to 20/4 at some point after she starts flowering.

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I put the big humidifier in the tent with the tent unzipped. Just trying to get the fan and exhaust at the right settings. Kiddos were used to turning off the tent when they did laundry but I had an electrician add a new circuit and fix another. I didn’t tell them so when I found it unplugged humidity was 90%, temp 67Fband 6 hours later 20% with temp at 89F! If these plants survive to give me clones or even make it to harvest I will be amazed!

Just checked. Humidity 53% and temp 68F. Just wish I could get the temp up a few more notches. Going to click down the exhaust one setting and see what happens.

This is the veg tent and she has 309 watts actual draw of blurples.

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Love this! So funny I planted on 11/24 did you start feeding yet?


Lowering exhaust should help. I’m glad I don’t have to put a heater in. That’d be annoying to have another thing to add

No I haven’t. The soil I am using should be good for 30 days. But I have only watered twice about a total of half a liter. Honestly I have no idea if she will need nutes by day 30.

I have the COM organic plant food and the fish bone meal. I think I might add some of the plant food around week 4, and will do 1/4 of the dose recommended. And do the fish bone meal about 1-2 weeks after and continue every other week at a 1/4 of the recommended dose.

Their recommendations is not for autos, so I have to adjust for that. Since autos will flower when they want, no idea when I will be giving nutes. But def lower than the recommended dosage.

What’s your set up? They look good

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This is my first winter grow in the unfinished basement. I need to find a better way to insulate the tent that I can remove when warm weather hits. Right now I have 1”of styrofoam under the tent and three sides partially covered with old blankets so I can leave the passive intake screens open. It is near the furnace, hot water heater, and an overhead vent but still chilly for veg.

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I’d think that would be enough.

How big is the basement and the tent?

Tent 2x4. Open unfinished basement probably 900 square feet.

So bare concrete floors and walls.

Might be time to finish that basement! Lol

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You could use that same styrofoam on the outside some duct tape to hold it on

Question, does anyone here water from the bottom? I’m thinking about doing that because I’m afraid of watering from the top and gnats start coming back.

What’s the best way to water from the bottom? Since I have fabric pots, it shouldn’t be much of an issue for things like root rot?