Growing for the first time!

@HMGRWN @SilvaBack203 thanks!

It’s looking like I will have to adjust first thing in the morning!

Watching your journey! I have some 26 day old autos growing, so I’m right there with you! First timer here as well. New guys gotta stick together :joy:


Sometimes I move/tighten the tie. Sometimes I add a new one. It depends on how much they move and grow.


@DrWatson420 nice, thanks for watching! do you have a post i can also watch?

@WormyUnicorn she’s definitely moved a lot since yesterday! I’m going to have to adjust and add new ties to some of her other branches later today

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Look at my girl! I’m so proud haha! Will adjust the ties a bit later and tie down some of the other branches.

Also the new growth is looking much better! Definitely was a PH problem before… lesson learned!

Yes sir, here’s the link for mine. We’re right about the same schedule, which I thought was neat, and kind of gives us each a point of reference by looking at each other.

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for sure, just set to watch!

Bent her down some more and added a couple garden staples for the lower branches


Hows it going so far? My girls are looking great like yours


thanks, your girls are looking good as well!

I see one girl is getting trained, you doing the rest?

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These are my first autos so i am only going to train one. I have learned to train photos like this one here but am not too sure how autos grow yet.


I do like the wire on the bottom for training.

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you got a post i can follow?

ILGM Blueberry Autoflower grow journal week1 by Skittles325 - GrowDiaries Is what i write on. Its easy for me to track my weeks n get the info i forget to write down lol i got alot of plants so to do them all would b too much time lol but im doing 5 blueberry autos so that i can harvest those after my sour :slight_smile: trying to do sea of green lol


Day 26 for my girl, pics from this morning before and after moving ties.





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Looking good. Make sure to check your ph runoff every watering to prevent another spike or dip.

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i will check when doing the next watering. Luckily i have not seen any gnats in the tent so i hope i am ok now unless there are a ton of larvae in the soil haha

I found out after the 1st few watering the gnats go down

is that good or bad? :eyes: