Growing for 10 weeks

Two seeds about 10 weeks ago. The runt made it to this. I have 2 1000 watt cheap chinese lights on top and four decent 60 watt light for the middle of the plant. It’s about 1 meter tall. Can you tell if it wants to flower? The only reason it’s alive at all is the great information here. I live in Florida and this is a non A/C shed that does get hot but air movement. I grow orchids just fine here, but the are hard to keep lit. :wink: I have HID sodium light (600-1000) watt old style but a lot of heat. I could use this for the flowering phase. Any advise would be appreciated as you guys are so full of great information. Thanks

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Looks healthy!!!

She’s showing pistils which means she’s ready to flower when you are.

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Would you all recommend the hot sodium or another 1000 w chinese junk when I go to 12/12?

I would go HPS if possible. You’ll have bigger denser nugs

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Looks nice and healthy. Keep it up your current equipment. I doubt any problems to occur.

Hps will pack the bud on. You might get by with another cheapo light if you’re worried about heat