Growing flowers in tent

My wife would like me to grow some other flowers in one of our tents, so she has them over the winter months. Has anyone done this? Also was wondering the cheapest 2-4 gallon bags. Could I use nursery bags perhaps? Have two bags of happy frog and two bags of ocean forest. Figure I could start then grow maybe 4 per square foot.
Any advice would be helpful. Thank you kindly.
Picture of what she wants me to grow below.


Good idea. I start my tomatoes from clones of last season’s plants and overwinter them in one of my tents.


Was reading on a indoor flower site and it said you could go 10 hours of lights on and flower them. Want these to flower inside. Thoughts? From the site.
“We want them to progress into flowering as soon as possible, so we recommend setting up a timer to leave it on for only 10 hours per day.”


I have not overwintered yet, minus a shamrock. Learning on that one still. We always start inside plants then put them outside. She wants flowers when there is 4 foot of snow on the ground. If it makes her happy and perhaps gets me a new toy then I’m game.


That is soooo sweet :blush::blush::blush:

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Was wondering if these may work? Anyone use them before?