Growing Experiences

@Mel420 Follow along if ya want.


Happy Valentines Day


Progress update planned on growing 2 Ace Killers but germination didnt see it that way.
Ace Killer OG 7 Days

Train Wreck 4 days

Happy Growing Folks💘


Now that is my kind a Valentine :two_hearts::two_hearts:



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Very cool! Ill be watching.

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Thanks :100:

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Ill be tagging along brother

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Plants are chugging rite along. Ace Killer is showing nice growth from the nodes. The TW got off to a slower start but is quickly catching up. Still deciding on what type of training to do with them looking to have free standing plants I’m thinking top them and keep nodes 3-4-5 with some LST to shape the plants. But anyhow yall have a great day✌️

Train Wreck 11 days

Ace Killer OG 14 days


@Mosca Do you use DLI for setting your Scorpion up?
@JustGrowIN_0NE This is where I’m at.

Decided to mainline the plants the Ace Killer didn’t seem to mind even tho I started a little early. The Train
Wreck Isn’t to far behind. Fired up the Rspec plants seem to love it :fire: :v: :rofl:

Train Wreck 16 Days

Ace Killer 19 Days

Keep Em Growing :beers:


Nice, I like your tent. Good growing to you.

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No, we havent used Dli to dial the lights down. @TLC if you read the equipment topics or post your light there someone will have the dimmer clicks down so you can copy theirs. I have downloaded the phone ap.


If you have Photone try it out see where your DLI is I find it to be a nice starting point to find the sweet spot at the lowest watts.

My android phone and app maxed at 33KLUX.
Same for outdoors, summer, high noon, or tent under lights for max reading.
The UT383BT meter cost me $30.00 and measured the HLG350R@50% with the ViparV1200@550watts) at 50 KLUX. Today the light meter outside, measured the sun at 1000x100LUX
Winter, 100KLUX. It was woth the $30.00 to measure and know my lights.

HLG has Calculator links, Using light output, and WATTAGE, PPFD and DLI could be calculated.
My HLG 350R position 4 is 200watts and position 7 (or above) is 350 watts


What ever works is a good deal :+1: that’s what makes growing weed fun. :rofl:

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Photone has a DLI Meter App(free) for cell phones select the light interval and select full spectrum. Follow the chart for where your at tweak it out from there.

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Lookin good :+1: I love a good manifold :smiley:


Thanks :beers: i screwed up the last manifold so just trying to get it rite this time.

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I’ve been doing them for a long time and still mess up all the time :laughing: I like this little thing, it’s pretty handy for quick reference