Growing DRsDank

Agreed already on it but Doesn’t want to klean up easy. Am giving it epsom salt, molasses, calmag plus the fox farm trio. Ph’d water of course. I may need to mix up a big batch and flush with it.

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Gold leaf harvest from 2x3x54.
1319 grams wet. So divided by 4 is 329 grams dry approximately or 11 onces. That was just these buds.

I also got 446 grams of larf divided by 4 is 111.5 grams or almost 4 oz dry. Lots of dry ice hash.
There was a lot of fox tails no big deal that is what going to make the hash. Now I need to start making qwet the @Caligurl way for edibles. @Aussie_autos @Ickey @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @Mrjrcash


Awesome spread!

Here are the trichomes.