Growing DRsDank

So I finally got it to the scale 27 grams first shake and 12 grams second shake.

Wife just smoked some and said it taste like heaven. It was aculpoco gold, orange skunk and grandaddy purple all mixed together. Probably half aculpoco gold.

Day 20 since flipped lights. Just natural organic ,big bloom, cal mag once with tiger bloom. They don’t look great but not bad for the treatment they got. Oh well its a weed and it will produce. Hard to kill in soil.
Gold leaf photoperiod.

Day 16 since repotting and putting in tent with the new sayhon . Happy frog water and cal mag
Granddaddy purple :purple_heart: photoperiod

Don’t know how I feel about those 4 gallon tall bags. No real room to bend over. I’ll figure it out I’m sure.

Granddaddy purple looks great today. Gave them some ph’d water. Didn’t look at the gold leaf. Will water them with nute mix tonight. Big bloom and cal mag then ph’d.

Gold leaf 7 weeks since light flip.

Not great pics but buds look great.

Grandaddy purple
6 and a half weeks veg. Going to flip soon.

Trimmed grandaddy purple two days ago. Put some of the trimmings in solo cups with water.
Today I am going to put the trimmings in soil after dipping in clonex and trifecta mycros. I am soaking the soil now. Also going to start some grandaddy bruce seeds also soaking that soil. So it will be a few hours before its ready.

Flipped granddaddy purple in tall tent to 12/12.

Tied up the gold leaf in small tent so buds aren’t laying on each other.

Planted the seeds [grandaddy bruce] in soil and put the clones in dirt yesterday.

This is in the 2x3x54 gold leaf. Almost ready another week or so.

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That is the gold leaf that was abused had almost everything done wrong through the whole grow. Hard to kill a photoperiod in soil.

Granddaddy purple in the bigger tent 28x55x80 inchs. They have to be at least 3 ft tall.

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@Aussie_autos here are my new pics.
Planted 6 seeds grandaddy bruce. Only 1 came up. Put 4 more in to soak only looking like 2 of them are going to crack. Strange but no worries. I will get something going for the small tent.
Pics are above.

By the way it looks I should pull 6 to 8 ounces from that gold leaf. Dam hard to wait at this point. We have plenty to smoke. Still hard to wait. I know it will be delicious and powerful. About 9 weeks since I flipped to 12/12. Generally takes 10 weeks for gold leaf from my experience.

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There nice bro great job i just harvested my purple lemonade auto and the Gorilla glue auto

the right at the front is purple lemonade auto and the other one is gorilla glue

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Nice do you dry trim

I do normally but the first part of the gorilla glue i harvested i wet trimmed after a few days drying it was still wet.cause what in my tent drying now is the second part of the gorilla glue auto

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Yea I try to wet trim everything. I personally think i can get the buds looking a lot nicer that way. My wife likes it pretty. I personally wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for her. I also dry in this[below pic] it will take about 5 to 10 days. I also like to put it in 2 gallon jars from there while it is still fairly moist and leave the lid off. That will slow my dry time down to 10 to 14 days. I shake the jug once a day. When it gets where I like it I put the lid on and start the cure. Shaking and removing lid about 3 times a day.
Wifes calling gotta go.

New pics of grandaddy purple. Three weeks since light flip to 12/12. SWEET. @Aussie_autos @Ickey @Mrjrcash @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @Cali_girl

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Wow looking great nice and healthy ,i did notice a slight def happening if u check pic seven u can see a leaf that has signs of def i could be wrong wat i think it may be is a potassium def and magnesium