Growing DRsDank

This branch was broke didn’t feel like messing with it. Cut off trimed and on drying rack. 9 weeks since flip so 7 good weeks of flower.
Orange skunk photoperiod. Wieght after trim 43 grams. So about 11 grams after it’s dry.


@Aussie_autos about 1 mabe two weeks more.

Yah it looks like it

Cut some today for a pick me up and do things high. Orange skunk 286 grams wet. So about 72 grams dry. Thats minus 75 percent. I’ll let ya know true weight when I jar it. Forgot to take pic of it all together before I put in drying net. This was 1 plant 1 more orange skunk to go plus 1 alcopoco gold and 2 grandaddy purple. All same tent. They have a little bit to go before cut.
2x3x54 tent 530 true watts of blurple.

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@Aussie_autos forgot to add above.

Also a 116 grams of larfy bud no fan leaves to shake some dry ice hash.

Another of the trykes

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Took down 1 of the grandaddy purple today.
280 grams wet so maybe 70 grams dry.

Have some bleached tips or hash tips. Have had this before. Still good smoke loaded with trichomes.

Some of the regular.

So whats the thoughts on the hash tips. Always seems to happen with that blurple light. Not sure why and not always the closest buds to the light. Also not strain dependant. Right now I have a plant in the tall tent doing it and it is the shortest plant in the tent. First time seeing this in that one. The light in there is a blurple too. A different one though. Actually the tall tent is blurple, full spectrum, blurple.
I’ve researched the heck out of it. Some say genetics some say light bleaching some say you lucky dog. We’ve smoked them before and they are just as good if not better than the rest.

Going to repot some gold leaf this weekend. Painted some new fabric pots today with flex seal all the way around the top. 5 gallon tall fabric pots 15 inches tall 10 inches wide. Needed something deeper.
@Aussie_autos you changed your name.

That is inside out.

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That is so fucking smart with the bags…I hate taking 30 min to water my air pots so the water doesn’t pour out the top holes …thanks for that

Thanks. Need to say careful with the f bombs it can cause a suspention if the wrong person sees it.

So i ended up with about 20 onces dry from both tent. Really more because wife was taking out of jars while curing.

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So going to try something different with this go around. I’m going to bottom feed soil. Still using cloth pots. Still going to use happy frog and fox farm trio. Along with calmag and mycros. Will be grandaddy purple in one tent and gold leaf in other tent.

The gold leaf will be a challenge. Started for someone else got stuck with them. They are about 3 months old been growing in a solo cup root bound and under feed with only a 100 watt t5. Did this to keep them small. It did work only about 12 to 14 inchs tall and look like crap. Exept 1 that seemed to florish under those harsh conditions. Should be fun trying to save them.
Transplanted about a week ago and they do have some new growth on them that looks good. The 1 that was already looking good looks real good turned into a bush.

The grandaddy purple is about a week old from seed. Looks pretty good. Need to get transplanted.

Another difference is going to be the 400 watt sayhon light uv and ir bar attached.
I’ve not done a grow without blurples. Should be interesting.

Did dry ice hash today about 2 quarts of trimmings from last grow.
Got close to a 1/2 pint on first shake banged on the jar bottom so i could get it all in there.
Half of a half pint second shake. Could have got more on the second one but don’t like to go to far.

Inside jar pics are pretty true to color. The ones of outside jar just to show how full. Light reflection on outside of jar make it look lighter than it is. First is nice and blond though. Second has some green.