Growing Crystal Bruce Banner and strawberry Cough with Hog


Say about four days ago I started these I’m not sure if I’m going indoor or outdoor with them possibly both but here we go @FNG101v2 @Johnzy81 @Purestgunk @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @yoshi @Usmcjojo @Screwauger @Willd @peachfuzz pics in just a few :wink: and everyone is invited can’t think a lot high right now :rofl:



I’ll tag along for the ride. I just made an order for skywalker, Black widow, and banner. T-minus 2weeks till I drop the beans. I’m finishing up some GL,CW, and California dream as we speak!


Did you intentionally make them stretch? Do you mist them at this stage?


No they just took off on me ! here in the next week depending on if they hold themselves up I will transplant them and they will get buried enough to where there is about an inch and a half coming out of the soil


I’m along for the ride mate set to watching :+1:thanks for the tag :v:@Hogmaster


Think I’ll watch this as I have Bruce banner growing myself…right now at 90 some odd days…good luck @Hogmaster


here is my current feminized 5 at day4 from germination


@Purestgunk I’m definitely stoned right now what strains are they mate.?


From memory they are called special queen


All auto’s mate yeah and what nutes do you plan on feeding them can you give us a quick run down on what you are going to use through this grow so we can all be on the same page @Purestgunk mate thanks. :v:


I will be germinating my purple haze seeds within the next week hopefully and I have to decide which autofem strains I’m going to order. Just planning on using guano(bat shit) for veg


At what are the female’s in the post earlier.? @Purestgunk


On redeyedrangers post? Those 5 are at 2weeks and 5 days from seed started counting when germinating


I’m sorry if I’m been really fu**ing slow but you are saying that they are called redeyedanger.?


@Redeyedranger join up


I’ve got you now mate and they are his set up yeah nice tag me in if he has a journal going on them or any grow lots of great people here that are more than willing to help along with myself so just ask :v:️.


Here’s my 5 femenized 2 days ago pH tested water to find it was around 7 and temps fluctuate between 50-75F day/night


Watching you


Right on @Hogmaster looking forward to it!!