Growing crunch berries help

I have two plants growing one is a blue dream planted on the 25th of last month doing great big as hell then I have a crunchberry that I planted on the 31st of last month and it my question is it looks scrawny really really scrawny is anybody else grown this how does it look how is it supposed to look when it’s about 2 weeks old

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Show some pics. Fill out a support ticket if you k ow how. Basically describe your medium, lights, all of it. Your whole set up and your ph ppms all of it. We’ll help though.

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Pictures in natural light or dark with flash. Sounds like she is just a runt. Pictures tell if you have other issues.

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I’m using Fox farms ocean forest soil I’m running the Fox farms trio newts big blue and grill big and tiger boom and I have a Mars hydro TS 1000 light will post pictures as soon as I can figure out how I can’t figure out how to post pictures so give me a second unless you can help me with that

Have you been PH’ing your input nutrients?

Yes I have I’ve been pH in it 6 6.5 I have a general general hydroponics pH up and down pretty basic

You’re correct, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t, and we see some issues related to that.

Your plant looks hungry, how much have you been feeding it? What’s your nutrient schedule look like?

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I have been feeding it 30 ml of big Bloom and 10 mL of grow big every other feeding I just fed it water just last time and then about 3 days I can probably feeding it newts again

My blue dream plant here in the picture is only five days older than the crunchberry over there and look at the size difference I don’t know how they both be were fed the same everything the exact same