Growing close to the house, does outdoor flood lights stress plants during night cycle?

has any one have ever grown close to their home where flood lights lightly light up the grow area? i would like to bring them closer but am concerned about stressing and confusing them. When we do indoor its a no no to light them in the dark cycle but how about outdoors?


Yes. That will be an issue.


do you know a way how to tell how much light starts to affect it ? i have a simple 2 lamp 100 watt each motion sensor and the plants could be 20- 30 yards away . and not aimed right at them(, almost like a full moon bright,) in the past they have flowered but not dense tight. this time i put them out behind the shed more in the woods , they are thicker but have less sun during the day and i dont know if stress is causing this, i dont get hermies and i thought they get caused by stress. i have more control if they are close in the late season since i am in containers . how about car haedlights if my driveway is in line with my grow area? sorry lots of questions now that i have ilgm in my pocket!

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For only about $12 you can get a lux meter on amazon or ebay. Then you can compare your outdoor lights to the full moon. All outdoor plants manage to handle full moonlight with any confusion.


@cj7huntngrow i had a similar thought an wondered about a black shade cloth roof or structure you can move an put around it when it’s dark. similar to shading the sun when it’s too hot with green shade cloth but do 1 for the night time with black shade cloth for the street lights an such,just an idea tho havn’t tried yet lol…:slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips @bruinsfan33 and @1BigFella and I don’t know if I could get the timing right if the shade system gets applied at different times I’ll problem stress them out more as well as stress myself out , lol! I get lazy sometimes and need easy @aussie123556

A cheap timer is so easy: Set it for 18/6 at the beginning of your grow, then set it to 12/12 to flower. You don’t have to be home to do anything. You can zone out and forget you have plants growing entirely, as long as you remember to water them every couple of days.

For outside, I would just look for a way to shield them from streetlights, etc. Moonlight is not strong enough to matter. The changing of seasons makes all the flowering decisions for you!

I took the light bulbs out of a motion detector light near my backyard grow spot…