Growing Bruce Banner Autos outdoors

Hey guys. I just got my Auto Flowe Super Mix and have a few questions…

With the Bruce Banner and the Girl Scout Cookies Extrm Auto … for each of these plants, Im wondering what size pot I should use for outdoor growing?

Thank you!


3-5 gallon fabric just my 2 pennies for outdoor auto

Whatcha planning on growing in soil, coco…
Welcome to the community @3200

I love my fabric pots. The bigger the better for outdoors.

Welcome to the community. Autos don’t need too big of a pot. Many will use 5 gal fabric pots. A 7 gal pot would probably also be a good choice. I’m a big advocate of having pots big enough for a healthy root system.

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Hello and welcome! I agree with @MidwestGuy and would go with the 7gals. I’ve seen some people grow 5-6foot autos outside no problem. Plus It can never hurt to have a huge root system.

Thank you all for the advice! The reason why I asked was because for the Gorilla Glue Autos where growers recommend 11 - 13 gallon pots.

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Autos don’t generally get too big. I grow medium sized photo plants in a 10 gal pot.

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Wow! Where did you get those? The seeds, not the pots.

ILGM of course!

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