Growing below the Tropic of Cancer. Things to look for?

spending the winter on Mexico makes me wonder, autos growing on the deck? any information will be greatly appreciated on this topic. Temps in the low 80’s with humidity around 50-60%.

Thanks in advance…

Sorry, no info, but that sounds like great weather! You literally described my grow tent, low 80s, 50% RH, good luck!

Winters a ways away, hope it’s worth the wait. I live just slightly north of that, and all I can say is beware of mold and fungus’ .Had a little problem with leaf septoria a while back, wasn’t a big deal, but just warning u ahead of time.

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thanks for the info Idek. we are south of Puerto Vallarta about three hours on the coast, u close?

Close is 1 way to put it. South Florida actually, similar temps and is also in the tropics, just shy of the Tropic of cancer

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close is good…