Growing Autos Under 12/12 Then Switching


Hello, I have 2 photoperiods just entering week 4 of flowering and i want to start a couple autoflowers. If i grow these autoflowers under 12/12 at first and when the photoperiods finish flowering would i then be able to switch the lights to a different schedule and start more autoflowers or would that be too stressful for them and cause problems


No it doesn’t.


No it doesn’t what? Affect them?


I’ve never grown autos but from what I’ve read, you can run autos start to finish on 12/12.


I don’t grow autos either but, everything I’ve read is they do not like stress…


I’d wait a couple more weeks to start the autos. When the photos finished, the little autos will be about two weeks above ground, maybe three and then they can really make use of an 18 hour light period. On that week when you harvest your photos, put your new crop of photos in to germinate. When the autos finish blooming, then the photos will be about ready to flip to flower. Six weeks into flower, do it again.


I’m running autos on a 18/6 just to yet them started then on 12/12 in same box with photo period so they only get 18/6 for 3 weeks then 12/12 and do just fine


The problem with autos and 12/12 light is that I didn’t get the quality or quantity of bud I wanted. On my best autos, under 18/6, I’ll get 40 grams dry weight, lots of sugar and very sticky. On 12/12, maybe half of that weight.


Thanks for the replys. I think I will do what was stated and start some autos about 2 weeks before the finish of my photos. then when they are done I can switch them. I am going to go with 20/4 with them because that is what I have read was best from multiple sources.


I run my autos on 12/12 and even pulled my last auto before it took advantage of the final stage bud swell. I still got 6 Oz off of it 4 Oz of good smoking flowers and 2 Oz of popcorn and sugar leaves. They are only in 18/6 for 2 weeks before they get 12/12