Growing Autos - outdoor vs indoor gallon size?

I’ve started my first grow this week. All of my seeds germinated and I have most of my plants (girl scout cookies auto) indoors in 10 gallon fabric pots/coco coir with perlite. I’m wondering about putting a couple of them outside. Do I need to use bigger fabric pots outdoors for an auto? I have a few 30 gallon fabric pots laying around and didn’t know if I needed to use those or not. Being my first grow, I don’t know if indoor vs outdoor autos vary greatly in size.

Thanks for any help! It’ll help this newbie out tremendously!

You gotta try a couple outdoors. They do ok and the GSC is an awesome high. I have a few white widow autos outdoors and they’re doing ok. They don’t produce as well outdoors as indoors

10 gallon for an auto is more than enough. They grow a little larger outside but as to how much bigger?.
I am using 5 gallon for outdoor grow of jack herer autos.

As the others have said, I think that you would do fine in 5, 7 or 10gal. Personally, I wouldn’t go any bigger than 10gal :v: