Growing Autos and Photos together

Like many first-time growers I have a problem of my own making. I have a couple auto-mix packs and I decided to take advantage of the half-price Gold Leaf seeds. I thought I was buying the auto variety but I’m pretty sure at this point I bought a photo variety. I planted all at the same time. The Blueberry and Jack Herer have started to flower nicely but the Gold Leaf hasn’t. I looked at the zip lock baggy the seed came in and it didn’t say it was an auto so there is another hint. I looked at my order and it didn’t say it was an auto either. The last time I fed my plants I gave all of them the same flowering nutes. I got a little yellowing on the tips of the newest Gold Leaf tips. I’m pretty sure that’s from an excess of phosphorus. It’s very minor and I’m not too concerned unless you tell me I should be. Like I said, I’m new.

My question is a strategy to proceed. I was thinking I would just stick to an 18/6 light schedule and let the Gold Leaf veg until the autos finish. Then I would change to a 12/12 light schedule to start the Gold Leaf flowering. I had planned to dry in my tent but I don’t think that will happen now and that’s ok. I only have one 24" x 24" tent so that’s a limiting factor.

What would happen if I flipped my tent into a 12/12 light schedule now? Would it limit my yield on the autos? Is that a better strategy?

I appreciate the help.


Autos are strange. They do what they want, when they want. It’s like predicting who is going to win the Super Bowl in 5 years. I’m gonna be growing an Auto and Photo next cycle. Just curious what it’s like. Not a fan of Autos because they do whatever while you have total control growing Photos.


Welcome good question I would leave my lighus at 18/6 till the gold leaf photos are ready the flip to 12/12. The Autos will be fine Light schedule does not matter to them. Good luck


Autos will do their own thing in any kind of light. It will NOT affect the yield. However, if you let the GL veg that long chances are your going to have a monster plant. On your seed packaging the Gold leaf will say FAP if it’s an auto and FP if it’s a photo period plant. I would cater to your photo plant because the autos are going to do whatever they want regardless of their schedule.


The Gold Leaf said FP so it is confirmed that it is a photo period plant. Thanks for the info.

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No worries. Good luck on the grow!!

Even if the wheels fall off from this point forward I won’t regret it. Well, I’ll regret not ending up with good product but I’m having so much fun. I see why so many of you like growing.


How old is the Gold Leaf? It’s age will be a driving factor on going to 12/12.

Did I read correctly that you have 3 plants in a 2 x 2 tent. If that is true, I would be more concerned about the size of the tent. I have 3 in a 3 x 3 and wish I had more room.

Everything in the tent sprouted 36 days ago. It’s getting crowded. I got greedy but in my defense I thought I’d have killed one or more by now. I wasn’t confident in my abilities. I have no choice at this point but to ride it out and hope for the best or buy another tent and hope for quick delivery.

Depending the photo you could start 12/12. Is the photo showing sexual maturity? With the stretch you about to experience you are going to very tight for space and height w/o some training. Do you have any pictures?

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Im starting 9 Auto Flowering plants.
You don’t say how old they are. When I start my jouranl i’ll tsag you in. At the end will be photos and everyone has give top advice

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Here is a photo. Back left is the Jack Herer - Auto that wants the tent to himself. Back right is the Blueberry - Auto that’s starting what I guess is some nice colas. Front row is the Gold Leaf - Photo. It is showing sex. You can see hairs. They are all 41 days from the time I put them into soil and 37 from sprouting. Feel free to mock. I looked at some new tents today. Is this how people end up with so many? I don’t really know if I want to run multiple tents. I have no idea how much product I’ll use. I haven’t used weed with any regularity for 3 decades. Now that I don’t need to present a clean urine sample to anyone I figured why not do something I used to enjoy. I’ve heard how weed isn’t anything like I remember so I’m curious about that too. Thank you to anyone who wants to offer opinions.