" Growing Autoflower'

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I recently purchased your autoflower three pack (Amnesia Haze, NL, & Blueberry). I’ve got two questions:

I just got a grow calendar from Robert in my inbox that says it I’m growing autoflowers outdoors in the north east that now is the time when they should be flowering. I just planted mine. They are in pots outdoors but have just sprouted. Is that going to be an issue? Or they’ll grow and flower and be fine?

It really depends how NE you are. But since they have already sprouted, no use stressing over something you can not control. If where you are is like Ohio, it could be 80 in November, or it could snow in September. But having them in pots will really help you out, as you could bring them in if you have some frosty October nights near the end…