Growing autoflower with FoxFarm Happy Frog Ocean Forest Potting Soil. Will I need additional nutrients?

Going to be growing GSC autoflower and read that FoxFarm Happy Frog Ocean Forest soil is ideal for growing.

I had one person tell me if I use this soil then I shouldn’t use any additional nutrients because that would destroy the plants.

I had another person tell me to only use nutrients after 3-4 weeks of growth.

So just wanted to reach out to this amazingly supportive knowledgeable community to find out the facts. Thanks in advance!



FF OF is usually good for 4 to 6 weeks. Get yourself a PPM meter and begin feeding when PPM dips below ~1,000.


They were both right in a way. If you was to use any nutes within the first few weeks you probably would fry it. But also when you do start nutes it won’t have to be for 4-6 weeks. The best way to know would be with a ppm meter. It measures the food left in the soil and let’s you know when and how much to feed. Feeding usually starts when ppm reads below 1,000


@MidwestGuy Sorry didn’t see your response until after I posted mine

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Or, you can do what I do. No nutes until it starts flowering, the top dress with fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3. Then once a month after that. I also may hit it with some bio thrive bloom mid to late flower. All organic. I’ve used all kinds of chemical nutes over the years. This organic method is the easiest, and has gave me the best smelling, and tasting product so far. And also the cheapest. You can also get creative and top dress with some worm castings, or boil some banana peels and mix with your water once or twice for a potassium boost.

In both cases where measuring PPM is prescribed, measuring the pH and PPM of runoff is the context.
Before I put plants in FF OF and would like to get a reading of its pH & PPM by doing a slurry test. This gives you a starting point. Google soil slurry test to see what it entails.
At some point you will need to supplement the soil with quality cannabis friendly nutrients. There are lots of options and routes to take

I prefer to load the plant with P and K ahead of flower. Plant doesn’t require high salt levels, especially autos and less is better than too much. Let the plant tell you what it needs.


I just use the fox farm trio plus cal mag when ppms drop below 1000 start week on on feeding chart and follow thru. When starting start with 1/4 strength and watch plants if fine that maybe all

Depending on the plant size is critical in how long the nutrients last. Bigger the plant, the faster it eats the nutrients. Smaller ones will go past 6 weeks generally speaking. I am on my 3rd grow in the same soil and its just starting to show she is hungry. But to be fair two was Indica Dominant and so is this one.

I have a old fresh bag of FFOF I plan for a Sativa dominant plant and my tent will be busy with 3 plants at the same time. She should eat all the nutrients by the 4th to 6th week in the soil. My Sativas can get over 8’ tall.

I have use FF products since May 2018 so you can say I have some experience using their products. :+1::+1::+1:

Girl scout cookies extreme
I use ocean blend of fox farm with super soil at the bottom not extra nutrients threw whole grow

My1goodeye that looks amazing!

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to provide guidance which is much appreciated. I’ll follow the advice provided and report back on my results.

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Leave a little space to put extra soil as a top dress later on. This will recharge nutrients into your soil.
Usually you get a few weeks of feed… depending on pot size + watering habits. Autoflowers can finish while only using ocean forest if done right.

I have been using fox farm ocean forest, fish sshit along with the recipe for success all in one kit for my last 4 grows and i would say they do a great job


First time grower here. Bought WW auto kit with nutrients. I have been learning from all your posts. I would of used miracle grow if it wasn’t for you experienced growers. (Thank You) I started with 5 seeds all germinated.and five cute girls in FF Happy Frog and soon to be transplanted into FF OS. I read with auto flowers that you just need to use 1/2 the amount of nutrients from the nutrient chart and to start after 1 week with seedling booster once per week for 2 or 3 weeks and then start growing booster once per week. I started feeding today. Now I see posts where I don’t need to feed until start flowering stage if use FF OS? Is that true? I have good PH meter and have kept nutrients and watering at 6.5 ph. I understand when there are 3 or 4 pairs of leaves it will be time to transplant into final container since they are auto flowering? I’m growing these outdoors. Am I on right track? Also any other suggestions that would be beneficial? I was planning on using the plant protector bottles that were sent with the kit. Do they really work? Thanks

Add extra perlite and get you some earth dust for growing in veg state and for flower… just sprinkle it on top work it in the soil a little and water… it’s easy and all you need to keep your plants healthy and happy… i use fox farm ocean’s and happy frog potting soil also

@LIVEFREEORDIE you want need to feed plants until they use all nutrients in the soil which is generally around 4 to 6 weeks but the best way to know is with a TDS meter measure the run off ppms when dip below 1000 time to feed

Thank you and I will get TDS meter.

First off the medium you are using balances the pH out already so you shouldn’t need anything else if you get some earth dust it’s a dry powder and start feeding them now all you have to do is kick back and water :wink:

I too have been using the recipe for success kit, I can honestly say it’s simple to use/measure and plants love it.