Growing auto outdoors

I have been growing photo outdoors for 5 years in 5, 7, 10 gal pots. I live in the Bay Area and thinking about trying auto this year. I was looking at GDP for auto and it’s says outdoors harvest time around October. Is this correct or are they referring to photo?


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They’re referring to photos. Autos finish 3-4 months after sprouting


I’m at 11 weeks with NYC diesel
2 plants one pot just seems this one on the left is breaking apart.
any idea why this is happening.
sorry for jumping in on this thread. I’m not sure how to start my own topic.

@Md2 …In the area assuming you are talking about the San Fransisco “bay area”… Depending on where you are Autos in that region can be put out mid April to May and you should get to do two seasons with Autos…but yes in the last batch around mid or late October (depending on the strain and climate conditions)
Autos should do real good in that area!
Good Luck…and keep us posted on your grow! :sun_with_face: