Growing auto flower

Strain Bergmans Gold Leaf auto flower
Method Soil (pot for pot)
Vessels Cloth pots
PH of water going in 6.5 have not tested runoff
PPM n/a
Light System led Philizon
Temps approx 75-80 day and night
Humidy around 35-45 day and night Ventilation system just a fan
AC n/a Humidifier yes De Humidifier N/A
CO2 n/a
Because the bottom leaves started turning yellow I have added FF Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom seemed to help a little

Sorry I forgot to add these photos

It looks likw the plant is struggling to find enough light thus the bean stalk look.

Ok thanks any idea about the yellowing?

Looks like nitrogen deficiency, she was hungry, keep feeding her on the regular.

That’s what I thought thanks

I’m feeding every other