Growing and working away issues


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Great thread Sutton
(is it possible to Private message people on this forum)
Sutton we work in the same region, industry and pretty sure the same career so I feel your pain although you have a better balance then me I’m away alot more.
Great job on the humidity control, props considering our climate.
Is your air in fresh from outside? It’s sooo cold and dry outside, if this goes to your lung box can you show us pictures of this I haven’t heard of one yet this is new to me.
I as well am trying to slowly learn and setup some automation.
What are you using for your water setup? I’m intrigued.
Edit: looks like your using Blumat TROPF, what was your error? Are they doing a good job I’m considering buying a 5pack now. Although have to order from the USA unless you have a local supplier?


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No no I don’t know that much.
But your paper you had on the table is a lease entry list no?
Or something very similar and you work away so your in the patch and we both live in Alberta sooooo yeah


Haha he’s it was. Yeah I had a hard time growing up the hop, bought 3 humidifiers to place in a tent and had nothing by issues and filling all the time. I use passive vents in my tent just pulling is basement air. I have a 6 inch fan blowing the used air outside :slight_smile:


Re word that I got the last sentance lol.


Would adding some CFL lighting to my LEDs be beneficial or it would be such a smaal amount it would matter ?


Where are you thinking of putting them?
You have a veg and a flower tent going on right now and I scrolled through but can’t find the light your using now.

You want to find out your sq footage and then make sure your getting the right amount of light for that space.
This is a great article sink your teeth into it and refer back. (Ps. They mean true led watts not what Amazon tells you it’s rated for)

CFL’s price add up and their not as cheap here in Canada, if you do decide to go cfl go to Canadian grow supply and get their cheap reflector then you just re wire the ends and order a 200w cfl (6400k for veg and 2700k for flower)
You can go T5 or T8 may be cheaper and more efficient, those florescent tubes can be replaced with led tubes or you can buy them with led tubes.
It all depends how long you want to grow and how much your willing to invest another cheap amazon led may do for now until you save the cash up to buy a HLG kit.
Check FB marketplace in your area or travel home area and see what deals you can find.
I picked up 2 of these but in retrospect I should have just got some quality led veg lights (already have quality flower led)


I have 2 philzon 600 leds and a 45 led for mother but she’s showing her colours for some reason.


The plant was in flower for 8 or 9 days then I tossed it in here for last 10 days and I came home to this lol




It depends on the cfl lighting. Now i used to be a super supporter of simple supplements but now i believe it makes more sense to just do the main light correct. What kind of cfls u looking into

U have to excuse me sometimes. I fall off the face off the planet :joy:


Was thinking of just tossing couple cfls in the middle to help out the leda but if it won’t make much difference I won’t bother :+1:


Just some basic ones


Wont be make or break level helpful so pass there


Little update on the girls.


Clone was rooted but I’m not sure what happened with it, wife sent me these pics today.


It’s leafs all look cut?
Can the wife check the PH of your water source? How long ago did you check your PH and TDS?
How large is your water source, the larger the longer it takes the PH to change.

Phosphorus deficiencie?

Hey is that just sand from home depot your using to keep gnats and bugs at bay?