Growing and working away issues


Ahhh gotcha. So the soapy leaves are the discolord ones? And watch the overwatering. Itll stunt ya. Simple things. PH. Watering regularly. Proper feed. And knocking those mites are priority one. When did u flip?


2 weeks ago, yeah think they dried on those leafs quicker before I cleaned it off with water. The blumat drip system was stuck open with a mistake I made lol but they are looking to be back on track. Was thinking it could of been light burn but those leds are met to be 24” from canopy.


Spraying plants with water/alcohol mix now. Had enough of them lol


Overnight temps can safely drop about 10-15 degrees F from day temps, as long as the humidity doesn’t spike to unsafe levels.

Stay away from the soap during bloom.


Yeah I run a humidity controller so I got it covered there, thanks for your input :+1:


My mother plant


Beautiful gal there :+1:t5:


To make best of getting clones should I keep topping it ? Well I used FIM


hate to be the bearer of bad news, but u may not be done with mites,
the only way to truly get rid of them is to initially eradicate them, keep everything clean, and increase the moisture.!

mites love dry plants, they will attack others, but prefer the dry ones,

after they r gone do not open your grow if u have been outside or around house plants,
more then likely u brought them into the grow.


Yeah they seem to keep coming back but if I stay on my game I’ll get through this grow and clean everything spotless. Thanks for the heads up :+1:. Might have to make some kind of procedure lol


I’m also in week 2 of my 12/12 from seed. I been running 50% humidity. Could I bump it up to 60 for couple more weeks to help out my mite issue ?


look into diatomaceous earth,
idk if it helps with mites, but it works on MANY insects.!!
maybe u can treat the surroundings instead of the plants.!


that is the best place to be during 12/12.!!


I have ordering some actually , read online it slices em up pretty good and stops the cycle. Ok I’ll keep the 50% Rh rocking and keep doing good checks.

Also made a pro-oxide spray and gAve then a blast today.


tell the wife that Slow Old Guy said to chill out and be patient.!

btw, this may not work out too good for u, but it won’t hurt me if u try it.!!



Haha, she wants nothing more than it to be gone… but once you get set up it’s a pretty cheap hobby and once the learning curve slows a bit I’ll be growing some romance bud haha


have u shown her any buds from ILGM grows.? lol


Now of thats not an argument winner nothing is :joy::joy::joy:


Hey again. If I had say 3,week old rooted clones in a veg tent and I soaked the soil and maybe even put a little in the bottom of tray to bottom feed, think it would be fine on its own for 6 days ?


Yea. Clones usually arent super rooted by then. I wouldnt leave wet in saucer under soil. But get her soil nice and wet. She should be thirsty when u get back but not dead. Also a little dome to increase humidity would make her drink slower from the roots. (I think) but 6 days is a bit of a stretch. So grain of salt advice