Growing and working away issues


Sounds good tho. Id def try it with ur least favorite strain. N go tried n true with the bigguns


couple photos


dry them to room RH, ~50%, jar them up, then re-hydrate them to the desired moisture level,
not ideal, but no bud rot involved or auto burp systems.!!

that is a great starting point.!!
i m running 20 - 22ambient and 24 - 27 in the box with lights on.!
don’t sweat the low RH too much until u get down to 10-15%,
30-60% is good.!

i know what a pain it is to re-do shit, but…
try in-taking from down low and exhausting up high from the tent in the basement and see what happens,
i would bet your temps/RH would be way more regular and manageable.
get a humidifier if u think it would help and run it in the basement kinda near the tent’s intake,

i seriously think u have over engineered the tent,
they r designed to be put up and run in a desirable, controlled environment,
your basement sounds like a near perfect tent environment.!!


Yeah I have removed all my humidifiers, running on pretty much nothing but lights and exhaust fan when needed. :+1:


You’re right I over did it for sure. Lol


Main problem I have is how do I dry and cur my harvest with only having 6 days home at max


let them dry in as close to 50% humidity as possible,
then next time u r home triim and jar it up,
at this point it will be a little too dry so u can re-hydrate it with a spritz of water or place a piece of iceburg lettuce leaf in the jar, the buds will draw the moisture out of the lettuce.!

or… try to dry them in 5 days down to the too dry or almost too dry point and jar it up,
again u can re-hydrate as needed,

this is not ideal, but it will work fine.!!


yeah I can dial in the humidity while I’m gone, it would be around 7 days.


Going to make a setup like this


Freaking spider mites are back, I been extra diligent keeping an eye out for pest and boom found a leaf with the mites. I removed The infected leaf, sprayed all the leafs on both sides with insecticidel soap including the top layer of soil then rinsed the leafs with water. I found the leaf on my last day off, I go back home tomorrow, hoping for the best :+1::+1:


The one got over watered by stuck open water system so leafs are tocoed

Few spots on leaves and maybe burnt tips on few leafs but Overall good health


Don’t think the leafs liked the insecticidal soap I sprayed it with :frowning: sorry about pics. Took with fan on lol


Bummer bout the mites… im in a fight with the buggers now. Alcohol/water spray n DE bombs… im mid/late flower tho. So have to be careful. N definitely leave the fan on em when i spray


Bummer… for both of you. Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with nasty little critters! I hope you’re successful in getting rid of them. (Yes, that must be tricky in mid-flower! Yikes. Good luck!!)


Hey bud, better to have a 4 or 5 degree temp swing overnight or a constant day 25 degrees until late mid flowering ? And then temp swings are better hey ?


One over watered plant, few bad leafs from soap I used on them, also found a leaf full of mite eggs lol never ends lol


Sorry Fahrenheit :joy::joy: 25 degrees is 75-83 ish? Thats fine. May want lower in flower for colors but itll grow. Keep VPD right which is a temperature-humidity balance (@blackthumbbetty please and thank you if u can elab here n drop a table or two)

N those damn mites! Ive been checking RELIGIOUSLY! Want to hose down my leaves and clean em off but scared to death of bud rot. So still thinking a Jorge C wash at the end is my answer. No spread still. Safe to say the DOA. But tomaro one final alcohol bath/DE bomb n im done :joy::joy:


Yeah I been reading up about the tables , well this table.

I read it’s good for pot in flower stage and I read it’s bad to have the swings. I been running a heater but if I could get away with it, it would also help with those mites.


A night temp swing wont hurt her my man. Just more realistic i think. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid :joy:


Just want to have a successful grow on my second attempt before my wife tosses all my stuff out haha