Growing and working away issues


So with my current set up there’s only air exchange when the Rh hits my set point. Flowers are just begging right now so no smell is created. Should I be concerned about not constantly exhausting the air inside the tent or concerned about the air exspelling from into mybasement ?


The passive vents should be enough for the air to exchange. The filter is usually for smell so no big there. As they age a bit of forced air exhause wouldnt be a bad thing


Yeah that’s the plan, when they start making more humidity I’ll have my controller dailed right in. I’m just crushing a roach joint now :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


For any low looking to increase humidity it’s adding buckets with Norwex towels in them, seems to be the cheapest way :ok_hand:t2:


As long as the plant is past say the 4 week mark it wouldn’t matter how old the plant is when it’s put into flower hey ? Like they would all mature at closely the same rate ?


Umm you would think so. I plantd a seed in June. Flowerd in august. Revegged by october. And have reflowered with my other girls. She is showing brown pistils already and week 4 isnt over. But yes. They mature around the same speed. Operative word being around


Right on. Got all my main questions answered, nicely done thank you :+1::+1:


No problem man. Remember only dumb question is the unasked one


is your basement too big to use as a lung room for your flower and future veg rooms.?
my box intakes and exhausts in the same garage,
i keep the temps and RH descent in the garage and the box stays happy.!


To cold and dry, even in the summer the ac runs all the time so it’s still cold and dry lol and I have young kids so space is somewhat limited.

With all my testing and I did a lot of testing, the easiest way for me to maintain Rh and temp is to over compensate with added humidity ( through large buckets with norwex towels) and control it with a humidity controller and perverse Rh. I can now fine tune my temp zones by just running my 6 inch fan when needed.


what is the basement temp and humidity levels.?


20 degrees 30% Rh


Just terrible lol but great for flowering stage :+1::+1:


So I can foresee my plants being hugged by my tent once my negativity pressure kicks in, I’m running zero veg time straight 12/12 so leafs should be less but if they are touching the tent should I be concerned ? I have heavy airflow in the tent with over size fans.


I will be running a ScrOG so that will help, but the one I got is just netting that I’ll pull tight


It should be fine with ample circulation. Scrogs are good cuz u clear out under the canopy. But tend to be bushes up top. Be careful n vigilant


Yeah trip those sides more too. So this is my idea for burping the weed in jars.

I place all my dried bud in a large container with 2 racks. I connected say a water timer gauge to the container. Once a day the valve that usually allows water to come though opens and vents the inside of the container. I could also have a fan running pushing air at the valve to assure it gets vented. I can even control how long it opens for. Thoughts ??


The hole it creates is the size of the stream the hose makes.


Hmmmm. I dunno man. Sounds good. But burping is one of the last steps. N u dont wanna fuck up after months of labor


Yeah I’m either going to have to let my plants/buds dry at say 60% over 6 days or figure a way to auto burp lol