Growing and working away issues


I would agree, 50% rh give or take much better. Your stuff will dry out too quick much lower.


Water curing removes all taste & smell.

There’s no way around properly drying your plants. You don’t need to cure, per se, but you do need to dry your bud before shutting it in jars for 8+ days at a time. The slower the dry, the better. 70F & 50-60% humidity is a good place to be for a slow, steady dry. Anything too much warmer or dryer will get you crispy buds & anything much cooler or wetter will get you moldy buds.


So say I hung the plants upside down in my lung room which runs at around 55% Rh for 6 days that I’m gone, come home pot the buds up and I can burp them for 6 days while I’m home twice a day if that helps.


That would definitely help. 6 days of drying at that level would be good. Maybe a bit toofar. But the 6 days of burping then bodevas would fix that


Just fighting humidity like crazy. I can’t make it fast enough lol way way to dry in my basement and it’s really my only option


Be happy. Dry beats humid. Would u rather crispy buds or moldy buds :joy::joy:


Haha good point. Yeah I got cold and dry on my side, if I had a full veg tent growing and full flower tent rather than a lung tent feeding my main tent I would make my humidity than I need ?


Water the plants is easy with my auto system. Just need a easier way to maintain the humidity. I may have to grow less plants a toss in larger buckets of water


I think i get what u meant by lung room now :joy::joy: yup. The veg tent would like the humidity. So the flower tent would be the ‘lung’ room. N the veg would hold the filter.

Honestly the more plants the more humidity the make as they age


It’s also because I’m always pushing the air outside


My current setup


Hmmmm… that looks like my top level craftsmanship. :joy: lemme think on it (tag someone who done it when im not as high af)


Haha I’m just sitting here ripped invisioning myself going down stairs and swapping stuff now lol


:joy::joy::joy: im happy my lights off. Id be in there tryna lean n tweak my buds into swelling. Morning is coming tho!

Seriously. Plotting n tweaking stuff specifically for your grow is the key man. Everyone had a diff environment.


Thanks for the tips and good chat. Talk to you tomorrow


6 day dry and 6 days of burping can work if you need it too. I would have some 58% or 62% boveda’s on standby.


Ok, I’ll see if I can figure out how to get my efficient humidity system :face_with_monocle:


Changed to this design this morning


As of now it’s all passive air intake and exhaust, I have a small fan that’s just blowing the air from my lung tent into my main tent but it’s nog fitted so it’s still kinda passive. My humidity is finally climbing with no added humidifiers just the 2 large buckets of water

I will be installing a fan in the top of my main tent to feed my lung tent when things get smelly.

Does anyone see this as enough airflow ? I do have a humidity sensor on standby to run my main exhaust if needed


I like low 50s 60, MAX