Growing and working away issues

Hello everyone

I’m up here in Alberta Canada fighting 20 degree and 29% RH. This is what I have done to maintain a fully auto system for up to 10 days at a time.

I pull the air in from top of tent through a lung room which I have set to 25 degrees 55RH , a 110 CFM fan feeds through bottom hole into main grow room, the inlet of the grow room has a 25 litre tank of water sitting with a nowex cloth draped over it, it fills the room and some air goes through my 6 inch exhaust fan which is set up with a auto on off function when humidity lvl go above 70%.

The other portion of this air goes back through a 4 inch passive return going back into the floor of the lung room close to the outlet of the lung room. It seems to be adjusting needed to maintain perfect temp in the grow room. Took a lot of planning and figuring out due to being out of town for such a long time. How do I create this journal thing to keep you guys updated ?


Awesome man, keep up the fight.!!

i think u just go to the Grow Journals section in Beginners.!

if u use Blurple LED’s, don’t post purple pics,
all we can see is purple and no actual plant color,
use ‘white’ light like the camera flash.!!

looking forward to seeing your set up.!

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You can use this as your journal. No biggie.

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Ok sounds good :+1::+1:


If this is the journal im set to watching. Id love to see the setup as well. Sounds sweet

I’m away now for 8 days. I’ll post some pics and update when I get back :+1:

Looking forward to watching your ladies grow


Few pictures of my setup, the ladies look dark and healthy :+1:, Anything anyone sees that could help my setup let me know :blush:

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Dialed in lol


I see ya. Nice setup. So what u growin my man?

3,Gorilla glue 2 Green crack and 1 Auto flower cheese. I made a few different set ups to see what plant does best. Big pot, small pot, fabric vs plastic. I am wondering if I should have a light on in my lung room ? Would it assist with killing gems and spores ? Just fighting to seal the light off from room to room. :+1::+1:

Lung room? Ima lazy pot grower. Box fan. No filter… :man_facepalming:t5: @DoobieNoobie n @Redeyedranger both have that room setup thing going. They could help better.

I like talking weed tho. Bigger pot, bigger plant. Fabric beats ceramics/plastics. GG for taste. GC “supposedly” for high. And auto cheese just sounds dope. Diggin it


No you don’t need a light on in it. Unless you had a light built for killing germs and stuff it won’t help anyways. But you should make sure your grow room is as close to light proof as possible so that you can turn a light on if you need to. The auto won’t care but the photos might. And as long as you keep everything clean and the humidity right you shouldn’t have any issues with mold.


Thank you for quick reply. Put my mind to rest lol

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Yup thanks Doob. No likes but ill b back :joy:


Hey all. So I’m reading tons of stuff about the hanging and curing of my delicious flower :dizzy_face:. Once again the issue is I live out of town upwards of 8 days at a time. Makes it very hard to monitor and burp bottles of flower everyday lol. I do have the ability to control the humidity in my grow tent but I’m needing some help with a method of doing the whole process in a semi automatic way …help lol

I have humidity control packs and jars, just not the ability to pop the bottle open every day. I was looking into water curing but then my head started to hurt. Maybe that’s the faster better method ?

I also have a very dry vented garage running at about 32% humidity

32 sounds too dry by a wide margin for curing. Even drying for 8 day @ 30% might get u crispy buds… 50 would be much better… but even @ 63% burping is HIGHLY encouraged… not sure here. Lemme poke people. @raustin @dbrn32 @peachfuzz @Niala @blackthumbbetty @anon95385719 @Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster @crazyots @MacGyverStoner

Sorry the mass tag. Just wantd hands on experienced folk n yall is


Wow you got connections hey lol


Lmao. I get around. :joy::joy: