Growing and strains and harvesting at right time

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Thanks…ya it is taller and lankier with thin finger like leaves…prob safe to say it’s sativa …the girlfriend thinks it may be from white widow or northern lights we had

Well that makes a huge difference, if it came from one of those two, then it would be one of those two.

However, both northern lights and white widow actually have a ton of indica genetics in them. They are typically considered indica dominant, however, white widow is closer to 50/50, norther lights is typically considered 90%-100% indica.


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First time grow…

This is a strain that I grew from a seed sold as Buddah Cheese.
Day 1 of week 7 flowering. I feel that I am close but don’t want to harvest too soon and limit my yields.

What do you all think?

Some of the trichromes seem as though they are going from transparent towards milky to me, but I am really looking for expert judgement.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.

That still has a few weeks to go. Looks great! It’s all a personal preference, what I’m looking for is all milky, with a tiny bit of amber ones when i harvest.

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