Growing and selling in Massachusetts

Question from a fellow grower:

“I live in Massachusetts
Is there a license or permit I can apply for to legally sell the marijuana I grow in my home? I’m interested in growing it and selling my harvest…but I must obey the law…I appreciate your time”

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Yes, you can depending on the town statutes that are set. In the MA town I live in, we voted on whether you can apply for a residential micro business permit, and it got voted down. One can only apply for permits in an industrial area.

This is the state website with loads of info, including applications. It is an expensive process

Can get a licence to grow to sell, but not private. Must distribute to a dispensary

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No, I live in MA also.

I believe if you want a craft cannabis cultivator license in MA, you also need to have someone in your co-op who has earned farm income over the past 5 years.

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Hey I’m new to the area and im looking to connect with some local growers in MA… looking to build a solid network for all to prosper ! really looking for kind of a mentor tho…

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I am a local MA grower. The site doesn’t allow personal contacts. If you are a new grower and looking for mentor ship, start a grow journal on the beginner grow journal category. People here live to help. I am where I am today as a grower because of folks on this site


I also live in MA. There are a handful of New England growers in Bergman’s Lab if you are interested.