Growing and mental health

I’ve been growing for awhile and use it as w way of meditation and stress relief. Anyone else feel the same? I finally got my grow room set back up but of course I have NO SEEDS! Until then I’ll stare at an empty closet and hope I can get my hands on some soon! Have a great day y’all!

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Not sure why my pics aren’t uploading…

Growing weed has nothing to do with my mental health or identity. But if I don’t ride I die!


Awesome brother! Thanks for the feedback!

And that’s a beautiful ride man!

You need to wait till the upload is finished before hitting “Reply”
There should be a progress counter, wait for 100%

Thank you!


These are from my last grow!

Well that sounds downright unacceptable. If you’re willing to brave regs or feminized autoflowers, I’m sure we can find a way to hook you up. :v: Especially if you’re on Instagram.


I have no instagram brother, guess I’m SOL​:cry::cry::cry:

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VA has some grow programs available for Vets and connected with mental health support.
I read, in 2020.


My fiancé has fb but that’s it

It took me a year to get my room set up too

It’s mostly just easy to connect over IG because my name is substantially similar. If you can find @SilvaBack203 on any social media (I think he’s mostly on IG and YouTube) or gmail (same name IIRC) then he can connect you to me. We’re not allowed to share personal info so a lot of us rely on having names across all fronts that can be easily located. :v:


I just sent him an email

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Can I give you my Gmail? lol

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I’ll tell Silva to forward your contact info to me. :wink:

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Sweet! Thank you so much!


I’m ready to go! lol

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