Growing and guitars

Big Yes fan here kap! All of them, squire, wakeman and of course howe. I had a solo album by Howe when I was younger, can’t remember if it was vinyl or CD.

Also a huge Water and Gilmore fan, and all things Floyd, but Waters had some of the most controversial and misunderstood solo albums that bordered on politics. Which reminds me, the concert in Anaheim I went to which had Floyd Animals also had Yes and Allman Bros playing with them, and I believe Gary Wright.

This acoustic piece is nice, gonna have to reply this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ok, just saw this @monkman, and I have seen Andre Segovia. I had 2nd row tickets on the Dorthy Pavillian in downtown L.A.

I took my guitar teacher at the time, Thom Tollerson, he taught me how to fingerpick. Anyway, this must have been around late 70s when we saw him, he was really old. He came out wearing a tuxedo with slippers. Of course he played amazing, I have so much respect for him.

In contrast I have only seen one other musician go onstage wearing slippers. Stevie Ray Vaughn playing in Tokyo Japan. He came out struttin’ doing the Texas shuffle with a long coat, smoking a gourd pipe and wearing slippers. That was the only time I’ve had the pleasure to see SRV and he died not long after I returned back to the States…but up until that point I thought it was just a Jimi Hendrix wanabe, but I’ll tell you, he played the $#!T out of his guitars that night. And even though he did some behind the head playing and tossed his guitar around via hendrixesque, he was the real deal.

After he died I worked for a manager that was a SRV fanatic, even had heavy .013s on his strat. Although SRV started playing lighter strings later, he played heavy strings. Those …013s are like a cheese grate. That manager turned me on the the El Mocambo DVD. If you have never seen that, google it on YT, I think some of the songs are on it. At one point he’s tossing and throwing his favorite SRV strat around like a wet noodle, broken strings, I think he was playing Third Stone From The Sun, a Hendrix song. After, his roadie gives him a newer see-through red strat and he smoking a cigarette, smoke is pouring up into his face and he’s sweating like a pig from the previous song…he sits down and plays a beautiful tune for his wife, Lenny. It’s the quintessential SRV…he was a great player. He followed Hendrix to a T, but he was the real magilla, IMO.


i saw srv’s 2nd to last concert at kalamazoo fairgrounds. was not a fan before the concert but was after, what a musician. he had turned his life around (joined AA and quit drinking) and what a sad loss for us music fans.


I can’t find anything written on it anywhere she was born in 1937 so it would have come from that era it was given to her when she was young pre teen/ early teen

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My guess is it could be homemade, but if so the person that made it used tuners and/or pickup from another instrument.

Probably 40s or early 50s is when it was made, there was some bakelite lap steels that Rickenbacker made, but I’m not sure about exact years. I haven’t traded guitars in a long time.


Like I said, he proved himself to be the real deal to me. El Mocambo is a must see DVD, worth buying if you haven’t seen it. That was some trio with Tommy Shannon on bass and Chis Layton on drums, they rocked the walls off more than a few venues.

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That Bass is bad ass dude, absolutely love it :+1: and I dont play bass :grin:
The new acoustic is simply gorgeous! that bookmatched top is ridiculous! :star_struck:


Sheila, as Liber mentioned its probably home made but its still a really cool guitar.
The fact that it has your mom’s name on it makes it extra special.
Grab a slide and put on some Floyd :wink: :grin: :v:


Thanks, I love that bass. It’s all beat up, kinda similar to Jaco’s Jazz Bass, this is an old beat up Precision Bass.

Funny thing about the acoustic, I never owned any new “boutique” type guitars until this Bourgeois, I’ve always owned old Martins, a few Gibsons and a few Guilds, but never a new high end guitar. The wood is like no other guitar I have owned, even the Ziricote binding, it’s translucent and just mesmerizing. And it stays in tune really well. I can’t say I don’t like it, cause I really like this guitar a lot. But I still have a soft spot in my heart for vintage Martins. :roll_eyes:

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