Growing and Growing


Thank you for your reply, I never used it before, I bought some here recently and was going to try it. I have never had nutrient lock out but the thing I noticed in the past is that when I first put my soil in my 7 gal fabric pot I put it in a little loose but packed lightly too. I don’t mash the soil down hard and when I first water I get good run off out of the bottom of the fabric pots, but as time goes on the run off gets less and less , so I am thinking that the BB and BG are building up, I only feed on monday and thursday and use 1/2 the recommendation. But in the past had good results and afraid to do something different unless somebody says no way you can hurt your plants with sledgehammer and can only help. Thank you and have a great day.


@zparkie2… the trick is to make sure you fill your pot adequately, if not your plant will get pot bound real quick as it grows… I fill my pots full and pickup & swish around, plant my plant, add more dirt, then lightly pack the top and I don’t water right away to runoff, I wait so I don’t overwater or drown the plant & I have great results doing that, but it’s whatever technique works for you, but I fill my pots but they’re not 7 gal either :grimacing::seedling:


i try to wait on my trichs,at least some amber…
i had to chop some this round due to over crowding and had to deal with bug issue early…
i may still have enough to make it until next round…
i relaxed and kinda got lazy this summer and my crop took a punch to the face!
bought a new autopot system to try and compensate for the lazies…lol
i’'l tag you in my new thread!


@BIGE… hopefully I’ll get some amber in a few days, idk but I hear ya on the lazies :joy::seedling:… tag me and I’ll tag you, I’ve got 2 more girls lookin good & plentiful gonna be a nice yield, I hope :crossed_fingers:


@BIGE@Onlythebest79@Justgrowin… hey how’s it growin :joy: here are 2 pics of the next 2 plants to be harvested dated 5/18 & 5/20… I also have 2 growing in tent in garage, 1 amnesia haze photo is heading up to 8 ft tall & hard to take care of, I’ll try to take pic later…hard to get a good pic with lights and still in tent but these girls are really fat & luscious…


The girls should be ready in another week… I don’t take pics of every plant before I harvest anymore, just don’t have time… I know I’m growing good weed! :joy::+1::seedling:


@Kapelady… hi how are you? You still out there? Did you ever get your seeds? I’ve bought from several new sites & recently impressed by one from California. I’m not on site as much anymore & probably be even less now. Kind of lost contact with all the people from my first grow, everything really changed after that unfortunate incident… kinda ruined it for us… for me anyway. Hope you’re ok, in good health and still growing… :grimacing::seedling:


@bonnie1…Hi Bonnie…it’s been a busy summer and hot and humid! Great garden this year with lots of tomatoes and green beans! I have not had a grow since the last one in the spring. I have been working hard saving to buy a house next spring! At that point I will start growing again and will need to purchase seeds. So you been trying a few new sites and you are impressed by one from California…great…I will have to get that information from you next year! I’m good have had laser surgery on both eyes for glaucoma and all kinds of tests! Hope you are feeling okay too. Old age sucks!


@Kapelady… hey I’m sad to hear you not growing but glad to hear about your garden & you got the eye surgery for claucoma… it sure sucks to get old, even at 62 I feel like an old forgotten retired person with alotta health issues & my husband is older than me & now he’s got A-Fib & A-Flutter & was in the hospital for 6 days in July. He’s better now but he’s on that blood thinner and it’s dangerous. He use to take care of me cause I’ve had Crohn’s disease my whole life since age 16… so I hear ya on “old age sucks” & health issues on top of it all. Anyway I have several sites now and I just got an order from ILGM too! They are using a different shipping method and we can use our cards again… plus the one in CA comes faster & in little viles (big round brown seeds) nice… kush autos, silver haze autos… lots of great seeds out there. Let me know when you start growing again & I’ll help you, it’s easy to forget things. I’m growing a lot and still learning new things all the time. Take a look above, few plants getting ready to harvest hopefully soon. Hang in there, we’re the lucky ones that have the chance to get old. :grimacing::+1::seedling::herb::leaves:


@bonnie1…Yes I have been on blood thinners for almost 20 years now! They can be dangerous but if you have a good nurse monitoring you, he should be fine! The reason I haven’t grown is because I have enough to last me until after I move next year. Still have the equipment and fertilizer, etc. just no seeds. So as soon as I move I’ll be ordering seeds. So ILGM lets you use your cards again…good to know! But I am interested in the one in CA since it comes faster! Keep in touch I will need your help in ordering next year~ for sure. In the meantime, I am happy that your grows have been good! Got a few years on you but close…I am 63 and turn 64 in April. And yes getting old sucks because your brain still thinks young but your body says no…lol lol


@Kapelady… I won’t forget you & I’ll stay in touch. Yup, I still feel very young minded but my body is screwed! I’m so glad that I found ILGM & have learned to grow good weed. Good luck with buying a house. Take care, chat soon :grimacing::seedling:


@Bonnie1…Yes please stay in touch! I can’t wait until the spring, move, and start growing again! I agree with you, I would have been lost without this web site. I have learnt so much from fellow growers on this forum!


yea, try to stop by every once and awhile so we do not worry dear…


@BIGE@Kapelady… gonna be another hot week, yuck…yes stay in touch everybody :joy: … I’m just busier right now but will take some pics day after tomorrow. One girl is getting too tall for 8 ft tent! I’ve never had that happen before. And 2 others are lookin fantastic & should be ready any day now… I want you to see BIGE, what does that stand for?


@bige…nice to hear that you miss me! Yes, I’ll try stopping by so you know I’m still alive…lol


@bonnie1…hot and humid…schools closed here today!


@Kapelady… just had my disability hearing after 3 yrs filed, it was stressful but hopeful the judge will do the right thing. Anyway so hot & humid can’t breathe. Had to turn lights off in tents for plants, way too hot! I’ll take pics tomorrow :grimacing::seedling:


@bonnie1…wow that took a long time, I hope you get your disability! Will you get retro activity pay? i was lucky, mine only took 9 months before I got my disability and I was dealing with International (Canada and US) so I thought that was very good. I remember getting a phone call the day before Thanksgiving from the International office letting me know that a check was in the mail for me and did I get it.and yes I got it the day before Thanksgiving! I was so relieved because I was really running low on money to pay my rent! But it worked out good! Yes, it is really hot here on the Cape today…hot and humid…you walk outside and start sweating immediately! A day to stay inside…but stupid me decided to barbecue chicken kebobs…big mistake…I was sweating as I was trying to keep an eye on them and then turning them…wow! Staying inside now for sure!


@Kapelady… I didn’t have a lawyer cause I’m sick of it and needed it to be done with & I had all medical info. He admitted I have a bad impairment and would get more dr papers and make his decision and I have no idea what I’ll get if anything, hopefully my full social security check excluding the cut I took this year. You really lucked out with your disability! Way too hot for me today, can’t stand it!


@bonnie1…I didn’t use a lawyer either. I have a BA in Legal so no need to waste the money. Still I consider myself lucky because I was dealing with the International office of Canada Pension Disability and that meant that they needed information from the US social security office and the Canadian Pension office. And you know how long gov’ts take to talk to each other! So yes I was very lucky! Yes I got sick this morning and had to cancel my client…it finally caught up to me!