Growing and Growing


Thank you for your reply, I never used it before, I bought some here recently and was going to try it. I have never had nutrient lock out but the thing I noticed in the past is that when I first put my soil in my 7 gal fabric pot I put it in a little loose but packed lightly too. I don’t mash the soil down hard and when I first water I get good run off out of the bottom of the fabric pots, but as time goes on the run off gets less and less , so I am thinking that the BB and BG are building up, I only feed on monday and thursday and use 1/2 the recommendation. But in the past had good results and afraid to do something different unless somebody says no way you can hurt your plants with sledgehammer and can only help. Thank you and have a great day.


@zparkie2… the trick is to make sure you fill your pot adequately, if not your plant will get pot bound real quick as it grows… I fill my pots full and pickup & swish around, plant my plant, add more dirt, then lightly pack the top and I don’t water right away to runoff, I wait so I don’t overwater or drown the plant & I have great results doing that, but it’s whatever technique works for you, but I fill my pots but they’re not 7 gal either :grimacing::seedling:


i try to wait on my trichs,at least some amber…
i had to chop some this round due to over crowding and had to deal with bug issue early…
i may still have enough to make it until next round…
i relaxed and kinda got lazy this summer and my crop took a punch to the face!
bought a new autopot system to try and compensate for the lazies…lol
i’'l tag you in my new thread!


@BIGE… hopefully I’ll get some amber in a few days, idk but I hear ya on the lazies :joy::seedling:… tag me and I’ll tag you, I’ve got 2 more girls lookin good & plentiful gonna be a nice yield, I hope :crossed_fingers: