Growing and Growing


@Justgrowin… yes, that was amnesia haze photos right? I forgot already cause I’ve placed 2 orders since, but haven’t tried the silver haze autos and AK47 autos that I just bought… I planted 2 amnesia haze photos and getting ready to transplant in 5 gal bags today, they look real good & healthy. I still haven’t set up my lights in my big tent in garage. First it was too cold, then husband went in hospital & now it’s so dam hot I have to turn lights off during day, so I gotta get busy on it tomorrow when 96 degree weather breaks, then I’ll take pics, 2 LSD are on 12/12 & lookin good. I went & did that like you said & took pic but don’t know if it worked, confused about it for some reason :joy: I don’t know what to do once I get to my thread, it didn’t take pic, idk​:woman_shrugging:


@Justgrowin… the Seedbank name you gave me isn’t shipping to New York right now, probably cause of Trump, idk but it’s ok cause ILGM just confirmed my order so I’m very happy to be purchasing ILGM seeds again, they truly are the best!


@BIGE @Justgrowin… hey, I haven’t been around… just growing & growing. It’s been ahelluva summer! Anyway, here’s a pic of little Lucy LSD, dated 4/20 almost ready, need little more amber. My girl isn’t as big as my first LSD & I ran into problems with the heat, had to turn lights off more often during the day. My yield will be small, not good enough for a contest, idk :neutral_face:


Seems like she still has some more weeks to go! Looking good imo!


@Blasting… thanks for responding :grimacing: yeah that’s what I’m thinking too, needs more amber & trichomes…thanks for your opinion. The last LSD plant I grew was very frosty & fat, we’ll see what my girl produces, I’ll stick with her…


I think you wont have the time to blink and that top will be huge! how long has she been in flower


@Blasting… I flipped switch early at 6 weeks, so been in flower going on 7 wks, I’m predicting another week. The amber is filling in overnight so I’m confident in a nice cola but my yield isn’t very big this time…


Notes: took pic of Little Lucy LSD, she smells delicious! Weighed 6.9/7.1 oz :grimacing:


@TDubWilly@Sirsmokes… I’m obviously not in the contest anymore and just wanted to get to my own thread here, thanks for your support… I want to send you my pics when my girls are ready, don’t want to forget you guys I’m very busy right now & won’t be back on site for a bit… happy growing :grimacing::herb::leaves::seedling:


Happy growing @bonnie1 you can always come to my journal and post me a picture I love bud porn. I will tag you to it or you can just try to remember to tag me in your journal lol


@Sirsmokes @dbrn32… well I’ll have to show you pics of all my girls when I’m ready to harvest and I never waited for pistils to die off & never read that’s what we’re suppose to do… I read all of Robert’s grow bible, how to grow and setup, harvest etc… I’ve been growing my weed successfully without any advice or help for awhile… if I wanna I’ll take a plant early, but don’t like doing it… I’m still striving for the perpetual grow & don’t want to run out anymore. My plant would’ve been ready in 7 more days. I probably won’t enter another contest, I’m not in competition on who’s bud is the biggest…:joy::v:️:herb::seedling::leaves:


If you’re happy with your results is all that matters, I was just responding to a tag. I’m not sure where suggests which methods for harvest, but I stand by my statement. I know for instance Roberts guide suggests that epistar leds are “good leds” and they’re actually about the least efficient led available in any market. So I would expect as with anything you find on the Internet, there’s probably at least a few things that are dated, out of context, or just wrong.

Personally I think the idea of this as competition is silly. Whoever ran a hydro grow with the best lighting would surely produce the most. In terms of following along each other’s grow, I thought that’s what journals were for. But whatever, it seemed like those entered had fun with it. Either way, I would highly suggest researching harvest techniques from other sources, or maybe start a new thread and see how the majority of members determine when to harvest. I’d be willing to bet you’ll find some ways to increase your yield, an potentially solve the issue of running out.


@dbrn32… I would suggest this topic be done… I’m happy with all my grows & I needed that plant and that’s all there is to it… I share my grow with my sister when I have several plants to harvest and I smoke a lot of weed :joy: I’m not looking right now for another technique or starting a new thread, I just don’t have time for this anymore. I know what I’m doing, I normally do not take plants that early & I’m done explaining about it. I take all advice very seriously and I’m not condoning taking plants early but this is ridiculous. I’m reading other grow sites & I get my seeds from different banks, there are a lot of different techniques. FYI contests are competition, that’s what contest means, sorry I ever got involved now.


@Sirsmokes… I will tag you and then you can tag me… I’ll share some pics of my grow… you’ve seen them before. I have been very proud of most of my plants. I probably won’t be online for awhile… since my husband was in hospital I’m very busy & don’t have as much spare time. I’ll be back :joy::+1::seedling:


Aww sorry to hear about hubby!! WI’ll keep you and him in thoughts and prayers. Sending you best wishes


@Sirsmokes… hey thanks for that… I took some pics of my current grow. Hard to see but they are all autos and one tent has 2 amnesia haze autos, 2 silver haze autos (getting ready to put in 5 gal pots) still in solo cups & 2 Kush XL germinating the other tent is a white widow auto all alone, gonna put the 2 SHAs in there. Out in the garage I have 2 amnesia haze photos which I haven’t taken a pic yet but I flipped the switch today. One pic is AHA has amber before trichomes which happens but most of my girls get trichomes before amber, that’s what I experience anyway… other people said it’s the other way around but no so, it’s both ways. Anyway some AHAs are dated 5/30, how long do you grow your autos? I’ll go another month or until they are fat & frosty but I know they’ll be like that in 2 wks or so… just wanted someone to see how good my girls look. These pics aren’t good though :grimacing::seedling:


Get it bonnie lol here is just a little something I’ve got going on 3 blackberry kush monster clones, a berry white, a blue dream, and purple rose all of which are photos. I’m getting everything ready to do a sog. I’m going to take the 3 strongest clones from each mother plant, after they root then they are going into 3 gallon cloth pots, going to be veggies for 3 or 4 weeks then flowered. Did a blackberry Kush clone that way, only vegg ed for 3 weeks and got about 1 3/4 Oz dry
So looking to hopefully have 4 strains and get a lb every 2 to 3 months


The 3 mom’s are in the very front and are 8 days old from seed

Here are 2 wwa and a blackberry Kush monster clone that also had a very short veg time as I was just experimenting


@Sirsmokes… wow, I’m impressed! How long have you been growing now? I really need to get serious & start cloning possibly this winter, I bought everything just haven’t had time… is a sog some kind of net, I forgot… I usually do a net in every tent but everything got screwed up with hospital stuff then company… I like your setup and your girls look fantastic. I’m looking forward to a good yield too, I’m not taking another plant early I just got desperate and decided to take the plant & dump the contest… some good came outta that because I learned more and now I need to get busy again and learn new techniques, just have to find the time, thanks for sharing, tag me into your thread it’s easier than trying to find you… :+1::seedling:


A sog sea of green, no netting just a bunch of smaller plants throw into flower after only a few weeks vegging. Much smaller plant and yeild but have the room to do roughly 10 plants. Yes @bonnie1 cloning saves you alot of money from not purchasing seeds and you can grow them strains anytime you want just take a clipping, root it and boom new plant!