Growing and Growing


@Justgrowin… yes, that was amnesia haze photos right? I forgot already cause I’ve placed 2 orders since, but haven’t tried the silver haze autos and AK47 autos that I just bought… I planted 2 amnesia haze photos and getting ready to transplant in 5 gal bags today, they look real good & healthy. I still haven’t set up my lights in my big tent in garage. First it was too cold, then husband went in hospital & now it’s so dam hot I have to turn lights off during day, so I gotta get busy on it tomorrow when 96 degree weather breaks, then I’ll take pics, 2 LSD are on 12/12 & lookin good. I went & did that like you said & took pic but don’t know if it worked, confused about it for some reason :joy: I don’t know what to do once I get to my thread, it didn’t take pic, idk​:woman_shrugging:


@Justgrowin… the Seedbank name you gave me isn’t shipping to New York right now, probably cause of Trump, idk but it’s ok cause ILGM just confirmed my order so I’m very happy to be purchasing ILGM seeds again, they truly are the best!