Growing after nutrient burn

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m 19 years old and I am growing 3 plants so far. The first one is starting to grow leaves very fast, and all of them have just succfully recovered from nutrition burn. they are starting to grow new leave and I made a lighter nutrition water mixture to help them get some nutrience back. I watered them for a week with just plan water till they recovered and showed signs of new growth. Now, I love my plants and I want them to be successful is there any good tips you can give me? the plant is AK-47 and they are recovering well, but its been about 4 weeks so its slowed down the growing process if I’m using s growing chart how do I know which week to start from after the nutrition burn because all 23 plants are at different stages.

I rarely follow a chart simply because as you’ve already learned each strain handles nutrient strenght differently some love lots some burn easy. The only time I count weeks is in flower and I start my plants into flower based on my space the plants health and size and my goals longer veg means larger plants which means you need space. If you have little space you veg shorter smaller plants

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What nutrients are you using, whats the ph of the mixture your watering them with, whats your runoff ph?

I am using GH flora series and my ph is 6.3 for my soil plants 6 for my hydro in flower with all my plants atm and all are different stages so ppm ranges from those on week 3 those on week 2 and my hydro girls on week one also 1 plant in flush as for nutes micro bloom terpinator Bud blood cal mag

I could crack out my log book for each plant but each is slightly different

Sorry Donald i meant that to the person who asked the question to ilgm to try sort their problem out. But i do have a question for you, what kind of ppm ranges are you looking for during veg and early to late flower? Im an outdoors grower but Im guessing that should be no different to soil grows indoors

Lol that depends if you are in pots or holes if you are in holes in the earth flushing is harder usually in pots by late veg my ppm is close to 850-900 I flush right before I start flower to get salts out of soil and make sure I have no build ups. My feeding ppm in transition is around 850 and I use a feed water feed routine since I veg long my plants need water every 3rd day I add 50 ppm every week until start of flush which I start about 6th week of true flower (I only start count after plants are showing flowers not when the lights are flipped) by week 6 my ppm is around 1100-1200 my run off ppm can be as high as 2000 if so I stop feeds for rest of grow I check ppm of run off after every water if it isn’t dropping fast enough I flush to around 250 and finish plants with straight water as they ripen


Thought I was reading my own notes :writing_hand: Nearly
the same numbers & process :flashlight: I must be learning
something (actually a lot) here :wink: