Growing a singular "pet plant"


I’ve heard from a friend that growing a pet plant has been labeled a “trend”. I’ve seen Bonzai cannabis pictures. Comments…


What do you mean? Growing a cannabis plant just for looks? What’s a pet plant?


Jestli myslíš domácím zvířetem kytku tak vím že je možné ji mít i 15 let! :mrkat:


@Mitak17 what language is that? If you could, please use Google translate to English please.
I have been able to make out some what what you have been saying and it sounds like you know what you’re talking about on some topics so I would like to be able to understand all of it too maybe learn something. Thank you


It’s Czech. He asked if it’s a pet plant to flower and that he’s seen a plant up to15 years old before. But yea, @Mitak17 pokuste se přeložit do angličtiny před odesláním.


Our plant’s name is Lois. She is a Skywalker Indica. Search; cannabis tree pictures. The Bonzai pot plants amaze me. Why grow to smoke when my local retail pot shop is only 4 blocks away? As a pet, Lois is spoiled. It’s nice to live in a liberated state


LMAO ok, I’m not knocking it, hell I’d like to see a picture of “Lois” the spoiled plant lol…

I had just never heard of this.


Have you trained Lois as a bonsai? That’s a great idea. I’ll bet it would be beautiful.


Lois as a bonsai? way above my abilities. Here’ some pics.