Growing a Sativa Plant indoors in a 7ft tent

Has anyone grown Sativa successfully indoors in a 7ft tent? And if so how?

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Can’t say from experience because I just switched to 12/12 in a 6’ tent (1st tent grow for me) with Amherst Diesel but if you change from veg to flower before it takes up more than a 1/3rd(?) of the height giving it plenty of room to stretch… should be ok.

I might have given up a little too much flipping a couple days ago but I’d prefer to be a little short than too tall and trying to tie colas down.

Curious to hear others experience because I prefer a sativa leaning hybrid.


What week are you in now? I’m very curious how successful you are. I’d love to try and grow a sativa leaning hybrid myself. My latest batch of Candy Kush im about to harvest tomorrow grew to over 5 ft. I put them into the corners and they seemed to be fine and not getting burnt by lights. I use the G8 LED with the red extra light in flowering stage.

Sprouted on 10/19, topped mid November, LST 12/08.


I recently grew some ILGM Blue Dream - 80% sativa in a Gorilla 3x3x7 tent, the tallest colas were as tall as I am 5’10.


Let? What is that stand for?

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Did they not get too close to the lights? What lights are you using and how did you pull that off?

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I tried to keep mine short and bushy from the beginning. Started with LST bending at about 3 weeks under lights. I used metal fence stakes to bend mine while young. Then net training to make them grow vertically under the layer of nets they grew into. LEDs helped for first 4 weeks because you can keep them pretty close to the plants and they tend to grow bushy to avoid the light.

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Low Stress Training is LST


Love the man with the clan! Thank you for doing your thing, sharing it and providing me with more information. Wish I could give you all hearts. My guerillas. ;-)>

Thank you!

If you don’t mind can you share how well they turn out?
Also another quick question, how are you watering (ability to get to) those plants once you put that net up? I grow 4 plants in a 4x4x7 and I have my plants on dollys to be able to move them around to get at them easier. Just wondering as it seems it would be hard to water with the nets?

Yes they got pretty close to the light, a HLG 550 rspec with HLG UVA 30 which was as high as I could get it, only had about 6 inches space between top of light and the ceiling of the tent. Used less watts on the light so as to not burn the top colas. Also did a lot of stem bending under the screen to lose some vertical height or it would have been more of a problem.

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I have all of my ladies in one huge planter with holes drilled all over it… I use a small watering can with a long snout - but it still is hard to do and I do get water on the leaves but I live with it… lol. This pic is 5 weeks under LEDs and 310 HPS lights. I am also thinking about hanging the leds vertically to stimulate vertical growth… Good luck brother. I sprouted some nice colas last night and will update a pick. Bend the hell out them after softening up the stems with rolling between thumb and finger - LST is an art that is learned by mistakes, I think…

P.s by the end of the grow - I think I will have three layers of nets in there. I wont raise the net - I’ll add layers. Otherwise the sativas break loose of my nets that have quite a bit of give to them. Of all things - I use motorcycle “nets” - they are elatstic and dont seem to bother the buds even if they rub right up next to them.

Very cool keep us updated it looks good!