Growing 2 plant in a 2’x2’5 grow tent


A question from a fellow grower:
Hello! First time future grower! Loving the LSD seeds! How easy would this be to grow in a 2’x2’5 grow tent kit by Gorilla Grow that includes led light, carbon filter, fan, exhaust system, thermostat, fan speed adjuster and what looks like a fan timer? I’m only wanting to grow 1 or 2 plants at a time for personal use. Would this be a waste of time and money? Have any indoor tent kit suggestions?


If you’re growing 1 plant that would be fine


It will require some training to The plant. You will not be able to grow a plant without some training, most plants grown without any adjustment would typically outgrow that area. But it CAN be done. Just ensure you are prepared to alter the grow process via either LST, topping, cropping ETC.


Would work great for a single plant scrog.


Def 1 it will be super tight for 2 each plant no matter the strain can get to 3’ around some get tall and go mabe 2.5’ but ya it will be tight for 2


I did 2 in the same tent it will be a jungle and hard to control 2 :wink:


You don’t count :joy: you used magic.