Growing 2 different strains in the same closet. One is ready to harvest before the other. Help?

Growing 9lb hammer and an unknown blackberry indica in my grow closet. 9 lb hammer will be ready to harvest this week but the blackberry seems it needs at least another week to go. Both are approaching week 8 this Tuesday. Was planning on harvesting and drying in the same closet as I have humidity under control in there. Now I’m worried about harvesting 9lb hammer late and don’t know how to handle it as it’s my first grow. Would appreciate any advice.

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Do you have a spare inline fan, build a drying box out of cardboard or whatever you think up and siphon the conditioned air from the closet?

She’s a beast. She looks pretty good!

Looks 3-4 weeks out to me a lot of white pistols still


Harvest time for a grow is done based off Trichromes. Trichromes indicate what type of high you want.

So many growers harvest different times during the same grow when growing multi plants.

What are you exactly worried about? Adding freshly harvested buds to your closet with buds drying already in it, won’t really effect your RH%.

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I’ve got a spare fan but not inline I think I’ll use. But going to do what you suggested

Mainly I’m just worried about where I’m going to dry the first round of buds from 9 lb hammer, as that plant is going to be ready in a couple days. The other one seems to be 1-3 more weeks away from harvest and that was the closet I originally planned on drying the bud in as it has humidity under control in there. Didn’t expect weeks in between harvesting both plants.

I’m going thru this exact thing. I have two different strains one is a India and one is a sativa. I just built a box and made sure no light got in and like zee said I used a fan to pull fresh cool air into the box.

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@Zee said it. Nothing to worry about. And those look nice. But still early. Trichomes look clear. If you dont have a jewelers loupe get one with a 60× zoom to look at them. Clear isn’t ready. Milky white is a sativa like high and amber is indica. If you have half milky half amber you have hybrid like high. The jewelers loupes are like 12$ on Amazon from happy hydro with an led light on it.


8 weeks after flowering? Or 8 weeks total? I agree with @Noobgrower95 to me it looks like a lot of immature trichrome stalks and lots of fresh pistols. You got some there that are just about to mature and fill out, the fat green pods with the pistols popping out just getting started at filling out. Bare pistol growth isn’t good bud and a jeweler’s loop isn’t required to see that…right now. Still looking great :grin::+1: