Growing 12/12 in grow tent/ Spider mites

Lost some plants do to spider mites. Plants came from outside ( I know I know ) , I’m running 21 degrees 30% humidity. I wondering if that’s good conditions to keep them away?

The best thing I have used for spider mites is soapy water. Have to spray tops and bottoms of leaves sometimes twice but had more luck with that than other products from the shop. A squirt of dishwashing liquid is all it takes.

Not sure about keeping the mites away like that but can’t be to good for the girls at that temp :cry:

Thank you for the info, I’m hoping for a better round 2. Takes care :+1:

Spider mites are tough. You really need to come at them from several directions. The best technique I’ve found is to rinse the plants off under a shower nozzle (outside or in the tub) followed by a thorough wetting down, top and bottom of all leaves, with a 50/50 mix of distilled water and 3% peroxide. Wait 4 or 5 days then spray with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug–spinosad bacteria is lethal to mites and caterpillars but is completely organic and leaves no residue.

Plan on washing your harvest in peroxide as well.


I finally got things under control. I had two tents joined and trying to keep things going in both was too hard, so I split the rooms up and got it running at 24.3 and 60% humidity :+1::+1: