Growing 10 wedding crashers clones

Second grow
Going to low stress train.
Strain wedding Crashers.
Using 6" air cooling system.
1000w b•lite electrical ballast.
For veg…1000w hortilux blue mh bulb and for flowering 1000w hortilux super hps bulb. Also using a 600w HydroMars LED light.
fox farm ocean Forest potting soil.
Pot size 3 gallon.
Feeding it fox farm Trio and using
Xtreme gardening products
Mykos, Mykos wp, Azos, Cal carb.
using photosynthesis plus microbes.
I put 40mg of powdered vitamin c per 1 gallon of tap water to remove chlorine, chloramine.
I ph water at 6.5
Custom home made 5×10 grow tent.
I had 10 wedding crashers clones delivered from my local cannabis Nursery and i transplanted them. 3 of the clones i received don’t look so good may have to take them back and replace them.

Day 1, transplanted and watered


Love this!!! Super clean, great plan of attack, but …

The light you have will most likely get you thru veg but your only pushing 20watts/sq ft with you Mh/hps . If you have the ability add two or atleast one more it will help your end result.

If your doing 10 of those in same area your footprint per plant should/will be 2.5’,2’. One of those lights could flower 4plants in that area without an issue. At that point you’d be giving them 50wats/ sq ft which out roughly result in 175-250 grams per plant

X10 1,750-2,500 grams or roughly 3.75-5.5 lbs


I have another ballast I just need another reflector hood good to know thanks

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no problem, you got enough cold air to cool those things?

I wouldn’t daisy chain those together


DAY 11, started the bending technique “LST”

Day 16, clones recuperating from the bend “LST”

Day 18, gave the clones another bend so the lower branches can catch up

I also added some bamboo sticks under the main branch for support

Day 21, clones recovered from the bend, canopy is filling up


Day 25, canopy look good switching to flower mode

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Gave them a like trim, the one with the led light. sprayed 3 branches with
colloidal silver water to make
Male pollen sakes to make feminized seeds

You need a female plant and spray the choicen branches with collagen silver water. And those branches will become Male. the rest of the branches will still be feminized. It take 14-20 days to spray 2 times a day, so the can produce Male pollen sakes.

Day 31, I haven’t noticed any flower yet, gave them a lite trim and remove all the tie’s

I’m also trying terpinator to enhance the smell and taste I read that it’s not harmful so I’ll give it a try, it’s not like they need it they smell beautiful.

Day 34, 1st day of flower, noticed the plants started to flower, I still haven’t noticed any pollen sakes yet on the branches I’m spraying with collagen silver water

Day 39, 6th day of flower, plants look great. Stoped spraying the 3 branches with collagen silver water, and cut them off. I didn’t see no pollen sacs growth. I tried making my own collagen silver water my self, I think I didn’t make it right.

Next time I’m just going to buy it.

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Day 47, 14th day of flower plants looking great,
Flower getting bigger

Day 53, 20th day of flower plants look great

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