GrowersLight Order


You are so welcome :wink:


There’s a lot of light orders from there and I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting scammed. I’m not sure what particular problem is, but I’m sure there’s an explanation. Keep trying to get in touch with them.


Funny enough guys I got the shipping confirnation this moring. Thanks for Helping me through this :wink:


Great news!


indeed Lol


How long from when you placed the order to when you received your shipping notification? I am also having this problem. I have written an email and got a response for the same 7-9 day lead time for preassembles, but I placed my order 11 days ago and it still has yet to ship. I’m getting impatient now as I REALLY need my light to give my girls some last boost before harvest.


Yes mate, They are really having issues with taking care of the small growers since they are busy to process the big orders. Just wait. Where do you live? They wont message you back, i dont like that either but yea all you can do is to wait. Funny enough I got the notification 2 days after I made this threat. At 3am in the moring. Boost them with your love. Give them a name lol


I am in the USA, wish they could work on their customer servic and shipping speed.


There has been a huge backlog caused by all the commercial growers. Patience.


me too yah