GrowersLight Order


Hay Fellas,
I was ordering my Quantum Board and paid the shipment fee at the 14th of February. Since then I got one email from the company that pre-assembled packs need longer to ship. They said I should wait 7-9 days until it is shipped. I start to get a bit worried because the period they brought up is exceeded greatly and It’s still not shipped. I also wrote to them three E-mails and called them twice. I never got a response neither I got called back. Am I getting scammed or is this just a normal order by Growerslight?

Thanks in advance


I ordered from them and received my light within a week. Alot of people here have ordered from them with no issues. What light did you order? What country are you from?


Hay @MoneyPit
In from Germany and I ordered a Quantum Board XW 320 w kit v2
Yes I heared it’s a trustworthy site but still it’s a bit strange isn’t it ?
I just want a shipping confirmation and then I’m fine with waiting the weeks until it’s shipped from USA u know ?


Got my 260xl from them. They “passed over my order” a week later I called , they found order and shipped immediately. Got it in 3 days after my call. A little sloppy but ended well. Took a week and a half, but all is fine! Customer service was very responsive and took care of it.


Everything on their site looks like it’s low stock or out of stock. I wouldn’t be surprised they are just busy as hell trying to keep up with backlogged orders from big grower and little guy is being delayed.


Oh okay makes sense to me.


Yea I called them twice but they never called back. I guess I have to try again and pray.


Talk to a human! Don’t leave message.


I tried. I called twice


That is exactly what I bought. Very nice light. Keep trying, maybe very busy right now. But trust they are good company.


In the states 7-10 days is business days. If you ordered on the 14th they are running just a few days behind. I’d be patient. If it goes another 2 weeks without communication I’d worry. I don’t think I got a shipping notification. Shipping to Germany might take a week or more. They are not scamming you.


What is the time difference is it possible they are closed when you called!!


Is it maybe stuck in customs


7 hours. I put on a timer on my phone so I can check up a convenient time.


Yeah could be. More fun to blame the customs lol.


Oh damn nice. I want that light beguase my current one is pretty weak and my girls a begging for light. What can you say about it and did you see a big difference ??
Just curious lol.


If they are photos just keep them in grow. If they are autos, they will take to the new light whenever you get it.


good to know thanks


they told me seven to nine days also but it was more like two and a half weeks before I received it. I know they were behind and also I had them assemble mine so that put a couple extra days on the delivery time. You will get an email saying it shipped when it does finally ship. It’s well worth the wait trust me!


okay good i will wait. thanks for making me trust them again