Growers anonymous?

HELLO MY NAME IS @Kinglouida13th and I’m addicted to MY GROW​:joy::rofl:. Ok so I was thinking. Since I don’t work and literally sit home ALL day like a hermit crab, looking at my plants hundreds of times daily, (I seriously CANNOT help it). I was wondering DO I NEED HELP?:joy::rofl: I know it’s a common thing amongst growers, especially new ones, as we love to see our progress and what we’ve accomplished. But it’s wearing on my patience, anxiety, and stress, in MAJOR ways​:joy::rofl:, so it’s become clear to me I HAVE A PROBLEM, and need help, so my questions are, what should I do? How do I refrain from constantly thinking about my girls, how do I refrain from taking a peak SEVERAL times daily? Should I worry? Do I need an intervention? Amongst many many more!! Can I get some thoughts on what can help with my NEW addiction? :rofl::joy::rofl: This thread was intended to put a smile on ppls faces, OBVIOUSLY not anything serious in reference to growing weed, but wanted to discuss this isuue with the guys and girls who may be feeling the same way. Any input is greatly appreciated!!! THANKS!! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I manage to let them have their privacy by spending more time reading on here than I actually have time for. :rofl:


Well @Kinglouida13th I have good or maybe bad news for you. My name is @MeEasy and I have an addiction :upside_down_face: I’ve been growing weed for nearly 40 years (36 or 37 years sorry I can’t remember the 80s were a little blurry) I still get excited when I plan my next grow and until I get them trained and into flower I can stop messing with them, once in flower it gets boring to me the work is done and you have to just sit n wait. I start thinking of what I’m going to grow next, planning how I’ll train, how many I’ll do until it’s time to start it. I no longer smoke, eat, or drink weed at all which is prolly why it gets so boring for me once in flower. Good luck to you and anyone reading this… grow on my fellow addicts


My name is @outdooring and I’m growing since 20 years. I know what you are talking about and you have come to the right place. We are all here to help each other.

My first harvest normally solves the issue…light her up and forget all about my tents😉


Hi I’m Bob, and I’m addict with a growing problem.

@MeEasy i smoke plenty and flowering is still the most boring part. It’s a huge build up of get them exactly how you want, flip , and let them do what they are going to.

I’ve spent countless hours getting plants where I think they’re ready. Then even more setting up systems to do periodic checks to make sure i didn’t mess it up.

Take up vegetable gardening, it’ll definitely take up enough time for you to worry less about the tents

In all honesty you’ll either fill the void with one thing or another. I just spent an hour pricing out a diy slucket hydro setup I probably would never use


Hi i am JamJam and i am becoming addicted to the grow life.
I have seen the ways of the wise and it looks oh so good :laughing:

Serious can’t stop looking at my girls either, I have a lot to learn yet but super stoked to watch them grow and yes definitely already planning my next one even though my oldest 2 aren’t even 2 weeks since poking out of the dirt lol.


LMAO :rofl::rofl:, I got this that’ll be here today,can’t wait to try it

Hey hey hey! I’m @volare and I’m an addict. Gardening & growing is my drug of choice, luckily it gives back as much as it takes and then some. I do it both indoors and out, all year round; I’d really need rehab if I ever try to stop…but why would I?
My girls are sprouting right alongside my spring & summer vegetable seedlings. Nothing like the satisfaction of seeing trays of planting mix slowly turn into carpets of tiny green leaves!


@Kinglouida13th: Hello I’m Deepsix and I am addicted to growing also. there are 2 things you can do. 1: send them to me :rofl: :rofl:, out of site out of mind. 2: smoke a bowl sit back and watch them grow. Good luck with your grow.

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Now take that, add a 1-1/2” bulkhead to the bottom and connect 4 together with a decent res

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This is way more simple and cost effective…

If your going rdwc…
I love them… :+1::grin:
Since this pic I have changed things just a little… :+1:

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Very nice!

I mean Peachy! Very MacGyver Like. Kudos on the ingenuity, for sure!

Do you have a diagram of that contraption posted on these pages? Would love to follow one of your Grows A-Z.

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Hey all. I’m @FullyMedicated and I love growing pot. I’m new to growing. I’m on my second grow and getting my garden ready for my second outdoor grow. I too feel the need to be constantly checking on things. Feeling around the outlets and cables for over heating, watching the plants as if I could see them growing before my eyes. I love growing pot and I will never stop.