Grower since 70s. Forced inside. First gg#4 grows/scrogg and lst



I like the big tents, nice plants too


Well goin inside didn’t slow you down a bit. I’m lovin it :+1:t3:


Very nice!!! How big is the area? And how many plants is that? I also planted GG#4 but I am way behind you.


That’s a real nice screen of green.


8x8x8…Scrogged some with LST…
A few others straight up topped once only.
5 gallons and a couple 3 gallons. Totals 20. All in fox farm ocean forest with ff feed. Cal-Mag is added. Will introduce molasses in a few weeks.


That’s a hell of a good move indoors. I wish I had that much room to work with. Looks good.



As I have used and saw no result with Molasses. Then I tried this stuff I buy it from Home Depo
And got huge buds evey rtime and will keep on using it. and then I put then into 48 to 72 hours of darkness that way they think the end is very near and fatten their buds that way also.


I have a friend that uses the Scott’s Super Bloom product and has used it for years and he won’t use nothing else.


Thanks for the tip…have used molasses as a means to help uptake…have seen some differences. Depends on strain…as for pumping up the end result I have used FF Cha-Ching and then like you lights out for two to three days…
I will try the scotts on three of the best topped only and growing stand alone in 5 gallon and three…I will feed a three gallon and two 5 gallon to see results based on medium and container size…
Please share your dosage and how often…also at what point last 4 weeks, 3 or 2 etc…


I gave them just what it said to on the bottle. But stopped a week to a week and a half before harvest and water only then darkness for 48 to 72 hours


21 days into flower Hermies show up…culled out and trashed…only one so far out of 23…hopefully be the last…keeping close eye daily right now…First time every got a Hermie in ten years using strains from ILGM…Not happy about the loss but on the average it’s not a problem…



Is there any kind of light in your grow room no mater now dim or color ?
Any type of stress can cause that. just thinking of what may have caused them to do that and by the way how many turned on you ?


No lights at all…not even ambient…have 23total including hermie…all inspected today and no signs of any abnormalities except small mag isssue in a couple maybe four…The hermie had no mag issue at all. Shit just happens sometimes…gonna get underneath tomorrow to inspect once more but pretty sure I have only one at this point…all insights appreciated :sunglasses::v:


Things appear stable . Only one hermie and the sativa is starting to show…24 days into flower…



Very nice setup. thumb


The ladies are flushed first time and ready fo new foods…time to pump up…1 month or so to go…The gg seeds did exactly as hope so far…


cool grow! what do yo u have for lighting?


Black diamond led…custom made…Perfect Sun Cobs…third grow and very pleased with spectrum…
3 layers seedling, veg, flower…


Blooming nicely…very happy with the product as of now if things go as expected mid December…Christmas will have GG4 for dinner and New Years…:sunglasses::v: