Grow White Widow seedlings in my tent

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I’m growing for white widows 10 gallon grow pots. I will be using Stonington Stonington Maine premium soil for to grow pots. For two months I won’t have to add anything to my plants except Light and Water. At the end of two months all I have to add is a couple tablespoons of fish blood meal. No flushing needed all organic. My husband My husband Paul decided to to take charge of two plants. He is using Promax. He is adding to his soil chicken manure worm castings and fish fertilizer. Then when needed he is using miricle grow, and bloom when flowering. So we are going to be in competition. 4 -1000 full spectrum led lights in a eight by 7 grow tent. I will show pictures at different stages of growth. Always willing to accept advice. Tha thankyou


I will be changing my regular white widow into bud today and start giving them fish meal. So far I have had no problems with them since I transplanted them. Thankyou my friends for helping me out. This is the best sight that I have ever been on. @Budbrother,@Hellraiser,@covert grower and any one else who has made this a lot easier for me to grow my girls.


They are looking great. Keep up the good “work” :grin:


Nice job, those girls look great. :v::green_heart:

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@ Budbrother and @ GreenJewels, Thanks, just put them in bud yesterday. I had to tape a couple of branches, they split when bending. This is my first time doing this sea of green, I should have started it earlier, but I’m happy with them and have seven colons off them, in a little tent.

Good looking crew you have there…keep up the great work. My current grow is just a little ways behind yours.

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@Merlin44, thanks, been learning a lot on this sight, the most help I have ever had that didn’t do something negative to my plants. We should keep in touch and check out our girls!!!

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Here is a link to my most recent update (yesterday, I update each Monday):

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These are my new babies White Widow regular plant rooting in root riot. Clones from my girls. Will be given four of them away to help someone else. Will be posting more pictures of them when they get bigger. The regular white widow is in another tent while they are in flower.