Grow verses flowering times

Hi, general question. When I buy seeds (autoflower) most list grow time as 10-14 weeks. Then I see references online to flowering time. Which is a better guide to the status of my plant? I have several grows under my belt and I always struggle as to when to harvest. For example, right now I have Girl Scout Cookie with 12 weeks since I planted it and is about 7 weeks into the flower stage. trichomes are mostly cloudy, but no amber yet. Any advice?

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I am not a auto expert…but could we see some pictures…as close as you can get.?

So from my experience with autos is the times given should be used as “time in flower” no matter what it says.

Ive never had one finish in the times given even whatvit clearly sats "seed to harvest ".
It lies!
Most all auto seeds are F1 genetics and alot if time this gives “fast flowering” but its so misleading…

Alot of these sales tactics really start to turn you off to seed backs that just flat out make up numbers :confused:


Nice plants…they are looking good. I think you are still a week or two out…not quite in the window yet.

Thanks. It’s difficult to remain patient.

My experience is that no matter what the strain is, or what the breeder says, it’s always 10+ weeks of flowering time.

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Flowering times are determined by the individual seed and it’s environment, not the seed seller.

On the ILGM website some of the newer auto strains have a veg time and flowering time listed. Browse through the seeds til you find one like that and use it as a general reference for timeframe.

My ilgm autos said 3-4 veg, they started flowering day 25, all three in between 3-4 wks. Now flowering day 29, all three are at different stages. My pot 4 pot 5 gal, that fabric pot is wide base and the plant is wide bush.

The other 2 are straight canna coir, one had 5 sets fan leafs removed prior to flower and she is fatter snd further along, #2 no defoiliating, bushy and full of buds.

Lots of factors I’m learning that can change outcomes.