Grow update 14 days

So I’m 2 weeks from when my auto seeds popped out of the soil. My GG definitely is a beast. CP and BG are doing well though my BG has some water splashes on it but I think I’m doing good. I am getting weird humidity readings though my inkbird reads between 40&58% but my digital govee reads between 78&70% temperature readings from both devices are comparable 78/70 degrees. Any thoughts appreciated! Also do you have to ph spring water?


Depends on the spring water, I’ve gotten 2 different kinds and have had PH of 8 and PH of 7.
They look good but with them being in 5gallon buckets already is not good from what I’ve read in researching. It works and you dont have to transplant, but causes the roots to just grow out more

@JDHewy thanks. What size bucket would be adequate? I was thinking of getting some air pots for my next grow.


@Jsmackle I have mine sat in a 5 gallon fabric pot, which it seems to love.

For the humidity, do you have the sensors in the same place in the tent? I know it’s stupid but I get different readings depending on the height my sensor is in the tent.

I don’t think planting into the bucket straight away is a bad idea, AF are robust as hell. I transplanted mine and the lower two nodes died due to shock.

Apart from that, everything is looking great! I’ll follow along.

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I started seedlings in styrofoam cups after I germinated in paper towel. Then after I got about 3 nodes of growth, I transplanted into a 1 gallon pot, my next and final pot is going to be a 3 gallon cause I only have a 36"×20"×63" tent space to work with. 5 gallon is great if you have the space though, just not to start in cause you can accidentally overwater too easily or not enough

Rh sensors can be off, like any sensor they must be calibrated. They usually do this at the factory but… I think I read inkbirds can be home calibrated but you need a reference device…
I have an inkbird and the one that came with my fan, they are close but not the same, however, it works good enough for what I need them for.

@Cannabian I readjusted them to the same height and they are way closer.

@JDHewy you transplant autos I thought that was a huge no no?


No, sorry. Didnt realize they were autos, I’m growing photo. I don’t know much lol, just what I’ve read and what I’m learning and researching from my own grow. I’m about to go into my final pot in the next week for my 2 northern light/Shiva, my roots are starting to pop out of the bottom holes of my 1 gallon pot

@Jsmackle I transplanted my Auto - Seed into a jiffy pellet for about 10 days, soon as the second node came in, plugged it straight into the 5 Gallon with the jiffy netting still on the pellet.

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@GST93 @Cannabian @JDHewy @blackthumbbetty @Cap_Ron @beardless @Zee

Hey all I tagged you because you have been absolutely awesome in helping me so I figured I would start a new post as a grow journal! Of your interested in following I would seriously appreciate any and all assistance.

So update! Day 15 since sprouting my GG is doing awesome my CP has some weird leaves but I think it’s doing good. I am concerned about my bg though her leaves look kind strange anyone have thoughts?


Temperature: 79-72 F
Humidity: 65-55 RH
Lighting: 20 on / 4 off

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I don’t worry about what the leaves do at that stage. A lot of younglings come out looking weird and it’s easy for those leaves to touch the soil or get water on them which can cause funky leaves. Plants are looking good. As for ph’ing spring water, not usually necessary unless it measures over 50 ppm.


I am down for the ride, you got some circular fans gently blowing on top of the girls? They each have their own unique DNA, they each look happy and healthy to me, am growing 3 different strands and was overly comparing them in the beginning :slight_smile:

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They look awesome! I’ve had plenty of little ones with leaves like that. She’ll grow out of it, and I’ll go out on a limb and say she’s going to take off and be the beast of the bunch!

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I have one that only popped out one cotyldon leave and she grew a little deformed, shes doing well now, but can tell she’s a couple days behind my other plant, really short and stubby, the stem isnt nearly as thick as the other, but it does have the same amount of nodes. I topped her 2 days ago to see if it would help get light in the middle, seems to be working well for me. I am growing Photo Northern lights/Shiva.
I will definitely ride along on the journey, and support as I can. :v::pray::facepunch: you’re plants do look well though, early stage yet, but they will do well.

Going back up and looking at the pictures again, I noticed the difference in size of your second plant. Those are how mine looked at the seedling stage when I overwatered it and kind of stunted growth for a day or 2. Not sure if that could be anything or not, but maybe let the soil dry out a little more before watering again and when you do water, go in a circle around the outer edge instead of directly by the plant

I think we sometimes get overly excited about these plants, especially in the beginning! It can cause us to overthink the process a bit. Very common to be a hover grower and panic at the first thing that doesnt look perfect. I had a damn leaf roller on one of my leaves! No biggie! Murder that bastard and there are hundreds more leaves! So no big deal. A long branch on one of my sativas broke off at the trunk yesterday… no worries, just tie it up, if it survives thats awesome but if not no worries, plenty more where that came from. I dont get all freaky on the little stuff. It can cause the grower to get into that over compensating thing!


Happy weekend guys,
These girls are getting big! I noticed a hug uptake in the water they are drinking up. I have a reservoir underneath which wicks water up into the soil ( it has been empty 2x this week. Compared to previous weeks which I didn’t really refill it at all. Still keeping humidity between 55 & 65% rh. Temperature holding between 72 & 78 degrees!! My bg (#3) def comincoming to life now!!

@Zee @Cannabian @Cap_Ron @JDHewy @GST93 @Bobbydigital @blackthumbbetty

Hey guys,

I think I’ve started getting buds! I lowered the humidity to 30/40 RH temps still 72/78 since I think they are flowering. I have both lights on veg and bloom about 24" above them! So guys I asked this before but how do I know what day one was? I’m trying to figure that out so I know when to add nutes.


I think you’re seeing the first signs of preflower, not quite yet though. Give it a week or so. Great job, lots of new growth, she looks dark green to me, I wouldn’t add nutes, yet. Keep up the great work!

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